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Parks and recreation actress, Alison Becker, has become an internet sensation after her tweet about being THE ‘Alisson Becker’, a Brazilian goalie that Liverpool acquired, became viral.


Born on March 8, 1977, Alison Helene Becker, is an American actress, comedian, television personality and a television writer. She is the previous host of VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown and a former co-host on the FuelTV panel talk-show, The Daily Habit. However, the actress is majorly known for her role of Shauna Malwae Tweep in Parks and Recreation.

On the other hand, Alisson Ramses Becker, is a professional Brazilian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool and the Brazil national team. Recipient of the Yashin Trophy at 2019 Ballon d’Or, Becker is considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and was given the title of ‘The Best FIFA Goalkeeper’ in 2019.

Back in August, when the fans were anxiously waiting for Liverpool to announce the signing of Alisson Becker, the footballer, the actress was erroneously tagged in many tweets about the League, Fifa teams of the year and ‘X is so good he could save my corrupted files’ memes. The comedian decided to own the joke and since then internet is going crazy over her hilarious tweets as she impersonated the footballer.

On 17th July, 2018, she tweeted, “Excited to announce that I will be joining Liverpool as a goalkeeper!”, which led to a great response from the football fans, and eventually developed into an unexpected relationship between the two worlds – football and acting.



She later told the whole story to Liverpoolfc.com over the phone from Los Angeles, saying, “The LFC fans have just been so embracing and absolutely lovely. I first found that we shared a name before he joined Liverpool, just because I’m a human being and I Google myself! When he joined Liverpool, I kind of wrote out a joke Tweet before he made it official and the response was just shocking to me.”

Becker (the actress) further added, “I think the reason it got picked up is because – even though I’m definitely not as famous as he is, I’m an actor here and have the verified blue checkmark on Twitter – people just skimming and seeing the checkmark on Twitter must have assumed I was him. That was when it really blew up in a great way”.

Alison -the actress- Becker also posted a video on Twitter, with the caption, “Super excited to announce I’m accepting the offer to play for Liverpool as keeper! Not sure who they have right now in the position, by I guess he wasn’t working out…”. She tagged LFC and Alisson -the goalie- Becker in tweet as well.



The comedian also made a hilarious tweet when the Brazilian Goal keeper won the award for ‘The Best Men’s Goalkeeper Award’. She wrote, “Yesterday I scored 4 baskets in my women’s recreational basketball game. Today I’m the best male goalkeeper in the world. Don’t stop dreaming, y’all.” LOL.



B/R Football recently honored the female Becker with a video featuring the star, captioned, “Congrats to @thealisonbecker on being crowned the world’s best goalkeeper”. Can it get any better?


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