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There have been plenty of movies on the ‘Anti-Christ’ or Dajjal – as referred to in Islam, however, Hollywood just took them a step further by portraying him as a ‘false Messiah’ in the upcoming Netflix’s series, ‘Messiah’.

The first season of the show is set to release on 1st January 2020, and will consist of 10 episodes. Starring Mehdi Dehbi, Tomer Sisley, Michelle Monaghan and Jane Adams, the series focuses on modern world’s reaction to the Antichrist, who first appears in the Middle East claiming to be the Messiah of the time.

The show draws its inspiration from Islam’s concept of ‘Al-Masih ad-Dajjal’. According to Christianity, Anti-Christ is the Devil’s spawn bringing chaos to the world, and as per Islam, ‘Dajjal’ is a false Messiah who ‘represents the calm before the storm (Armageddon)’.

Dajjal will supposedly start a cult and lead people away from Islam until the actual second coming of Hazrat Isa (Jesus) , who will eventually expose him.

Muslims all over the world are having mixed thoughts about the series and twitter is flooding with tweets with the viral hashtag, ‘#MessiahIsComing’. A user, Hasib N, posted, “We didn’t need a positive image of Islam… no, please make a inaccurate and false Muslim depiction about the Antichrist #Dajjal. That definitely perfectly represents us!
– said, no Muslim … ever@netflix #MessiahIsComing , no keep him at Netflix”.


He further continued, “#Messiah@netflix has genuinely just perpetuated Hollywood stereotypes of Muslims even more to point of offending our beliefs.
We dont need “representation” which caricaturizes our portrayal & demeans us.
We dont need representation, we need our own narrative.”

Another user wrote, “Trying very hard to show that it is nothing related to Dajjal. Read quoted tweet on the trailer tweet and you will see some defending the show, saying it’s not about Dajjal or am gonna watch it just keep imaan strong.”

There were some fans who threatened to boycott Netflix if it went forward with the series. “Who is with me in vowing to cancel our subscriptions and never watch Netflix again if they allow this Messiah show to drop?”

A user, @fateama16, wrote, “Guy’s. I’m literally shaking. Someone posted that Netflix is coming out with a show called “Messiah” and it’s about what will happen in the world when Dajjal appears. I’m shaken to my core what. May Allāh protect us.”

Despite the backlash, there’s still plenty of support for Messiah, ahead of its premiere. Many have appreciated its diverse cast and unique premise, along with being anxious for its release.

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