When people experience a little distress, or they expect the development of some sort of illness or physical condition, they rush to the doctors. The doctors then provide them with a long list of prescribed medicines depending on their needs. Indeed, modern science has made tremendous discoveries.

These discoveries, in the medical world, have been proven to be life-saving. But no one can deny the fact that these modern advancements also have affected the lives of the people in negative ways. Chemical-filled medicines completely affect the human body in dangerous ways. Homeopathy is a natural way to treat any sort of illness and discomforting physical condition.

It involves incorporating natural herbs and plants to treat the root cause of the problem. The Lost Book of Remedies is the ultimate guide for homeopathy. It contains a detailed description of the plants and herbs following the diseases they work against.

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How “The Lost Book Of Remedies” Came Into Existence?

Nicole Apelian, an herbalist, spent the golden years of her life researching plants that contain medicinal properties. She created remedies for people who do not wish to spend thousands of dollars on expensive medicines. She claims that her remedies are for people who are sick and tired of having to rely on chemically filled medicines, which negatively affect the body.

Her concerns with the idea of treatment with natural remedies were strengthened after she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It is a disease in which people experience immense lethargy, and lose balance and control of the body.

She claims that the idea that she will have to be bedridden and always dependent on others made her fearful. Moreover, the person that experiences MS has to increase the intake of medicines and chemicals. She was also most fearful of putting a lot of chemicals in her body as these medicines and injections negatively affect the immune system of the body.

How does The Lost Book of Remedies work?

The immune system works as a natural inner doctor. It helps the body naturally fight any alarmingly dangerous cells. It is also responsible for clearing blood cells. It is a highly essential system of the body that is required to maintain the functions of a healthy body. The medicines that we take make the doctor weak by putting it at rest and temporarily doing its work. These medicines make the immune system lazy.

Interestingly, these medicines do not reach the root cause of the problem. They only treat it temporarily. For instance, insulin does not reach to the root cause of diabetes, Anti-inflammatory medicines do not reach to the root problem, and Statins do not treat the root-cause of Cholesterol in the arteries.

Nicole Apelian gathered all the manuscripts that contained her research of medicinal plants and named the book “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies”. She claimed that this book contains descriptions related to the plants and micro-substances that work as antibiotics and antivirus.

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 The Lost Book of Remedies Includes:

This guide includes detailed descriptions regarding the plants and herbs. It also includes guiding indexes regarding the use and properties of the medicinal herbs.

The book includes an index of medicinal plants. This will help the customer pinpoint the most suitable plants by their medicinal properties.

Another index of Diseases and Afflictions is given in the book. This will allow the user to find plants and herbs that are best suited according to the physical condition or disease. It makes it easier to make a customized list of ingredients and herbs.

It contains a detailed and listed-down description of all the decoctions, infusions, salves, and extracts of syrups. These make it easier for the customer to categorize all the medicinal and healing aspects of the products mentioned in the guide.

Photographs of the plants near the description columns are also provided. It then becomes easier for the customer to identify and distinguish plants and herbs from one another.

It contains detailed descriptions, healing properties and functional aspects of plants like the common American Weed. It is considered to be the most expensive and sought out the plant of Venezuela.

The book contains properties of plants that have antibiotic properties. Moreover, it also includes some of the plants that have anti-virus properties.

It includes information regarding the 3 herbal Tinctures that help in managing MS. One of the ingredients used is Adaptogen. It helps in decreasing the biological and oxidative stress of the disease. It also has been proven to be effective in fighting inflammation and repairing damaged tissues.

Moreover, the other 2 ingredients also have properties that balance the body and down-regulate a hyperactive immune system (These 3 ingredients will not cure these diseases but they will strengthen the connections between neurons).

The Lost Book of Remedies Benefits:

  • It serves as the best source of information regarding the natural remedies that naturally heal the body.
  • It will reconnect humans with mother-nature.
  • This book helps promote natural lifestyles. It does that by allowing the people to grow these medicinal plants in their backyards. This will make the availability of the plants highly convenient.
  • The guide provides detailed information and easy-to-follow instruction regarding homeopathy.
  • Unlike medicines, it allows users to not have any side effects.

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Interestingly the makers of The Lost Book of Remedies provide a 60-day money-back guarantee to the interested customers. This means that they can try out this product for 60 days, and if they do not get their desired results, they can simply get their money returned.


With the advancements of modern technology, humans are becoming more and more distant from nature. Interestingly nature provides the best remedies when it comes to healing the body. This incredible guide The Lost Book of Remedies allows the person to reconnect with mother-nature again.


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