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The recent global pandemic Coronavirus has overtaken the fears of many around the globe, causing economic shutdown and global lockdown, ultimately making it the biggest search topic on Google. Therefore, in an attempt to utilize that information in the best way possible, Google launched their COVID-19 website that would focus on providing education, prevention, and local resources, along with enhanced search results.

A week ago, President Donald Trump had revealed the launch of a screening website by Google, in his press conference. Later on, it emerged that Verily, Google’s sister company, had launched a site, but only for the Bay area, with limited availability.

Even though, it wasn’t exactly what the President touted, the next day Google announced the development of their nationwide website to provide COVID-19 resources.

On Sunday, more details were provided by CEO Sundar Pichai, and the website was expected to launch the following day.

After some delay, the COVID-19 Information page is finally here and the new search experience provides reliable information from health authorities, along with the updated statistics of the confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deaths by the COVID-19.

The COVID-19 website initially has four tabs; Overview, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatments, that provide a quick overview of the current situation regarding the global pandemic.

Firstly, the Overview” tab features a brief description of the virus and the essential precautionary measures that need to be taken.

Additionally, the “Help & Information” provides links and information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, and the World Health Organization.

Furthermore, the website has a drop-down menu, for the user to select their state and get more localized information.

The next section of the website is the “Safety and Prevention tips” which consists of relevant PSA YouTube videos by WHO and CDC. Moreover, the website provides multiple resources and links to local websites, along with the top search trends and queries of the COVID-19.

The “Data and Insights” section features a global map that highlights the areas that are currently affected by the COVID-19. Thus, it gives a visual comparison of the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally.

In addition, there are statistics of confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deaths worldwide, and by country.
“Resources to help” is filled with several YouTube videos for families to cope with the quarantine and self isolation. Self isolation is an essential precautionary measure to be taken and the videos are helpful in doing so, as they range from cooking recipes at home, to meditation and indoor exercises.

Lastly, the website consists of a blog featuring search, education, and company announcements, along with authoritative links to donate funds and support relief efforts, in their last two sections.

While there is an incredible amount of misinformation that is spreading along with the rise of the global pandemic, the Google website is a responsible source to rely on as they have announced the sources of their authoritative information; CDC and WHO, hence proving the authenticity of the information available on their website.

The format of the new Google COVID-19 website, was designed to focus on accessibility and help users to easily navigate on important information and resources regarding the COVID-19. However, Google aims to add additional resources and material as it becomes available and keep the website updated.

Furthermore, Google also aims to keep the website diversified by adding more languages and regions soon. A questionnaire and information about local drive- thru testing locations, might also follow, but will probably take longer than expected.

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