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Nutrisystem offers a revolutionary solution to those who are struggling to lose weight based on conventional methods such as diet or exercise.

It is a diet program that helps to simplify weight loss. Besides many other benefits, one great thing about the diet program is that it does not require a person to worry about what foods they should eat and how much calories are being consumed. One can eat anything from a list of healthy and beneficial foods and eat as much as they want without restrictions.

In fact, Nutrisystem provides most of the foods to the users by shipping it to their door. It contains foods and a daily plan of 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and dessert.

Some side items such as vegetables, fruits, and snacks can be added to the recommended foods. All these side items are easily accessible in grocery stores. The only downside, in a way, of using the Nutrisystem diet program is that it restricts a person from smoking or consuming alcohol, and one is also discouraged from eating out.

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Nutrisystem diet plan is designed for both men and women of all shapes and sizes. But it is not advised for pregnant women, chronic kidney disease patients, or anyone prone to certain allergies or diet preferences.

The plan is recommended for adults over the age of 14 years, and the company behind the plan also offers special programs for teens between 14 and 17 years. As long as the plan is followed through carefully considering all instructions and precautions, one can expect optimal results as they desire in a minimal period of time.

What to Eat and What Not to Eat

Nutrisystem is a 28-day diet plan that offers preselected foods delivered in the package. Options for breakfast include pancakes, oatmeal, granola, and muffins. For lunch and dinner, meals contain a wide selection of foods such as chicken, stew and chili, soup, pizza, and tacos.

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For desserts and snacks, options are available between cake, cookies, and brownies. The foods supplied by Nutrisystem include a wide range of vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, nuts and other foods that can be consumed along the program and can be bought from a local grocery store.

The reason behind the prepackaged foods and diet plan is to mainly focus on a variety of nutrients consumed by the body. Almost half the calories come from carbohydrates, 25% from fats and 25% from proteins. The list of foods is a source of good carbohydrates that don’t increase blood sugar level as compared to other food items.

Once on the program, one would also need to avoid high–GI foods such as white rice, white bread, and specific fruits. All the directions regarding consumption and portioning of food are explained in the program.

The calorie count in the plan is designed to enhance weight loss for up to 1 to 2 pounds each week. One exception is a diet plan called ‘Lean 13’ in which ladies can expect to lose around 13 pounds of weight and 7 inches of waste in their first month, and climb up to losing 15 pounds weight along with 7 inches from the waist area.

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According to the official website of the company, the program includes about 2000 milligrams of sodium for daily consumption. Other foods that one may buy from the grocery store may add to the total calorie count.

Easy Plan to Follow; No Excessive Effort

It is easy to order a month’s supply of food, and the meals are already prepared. But one may not have the usual degree of control over the foods to be consumed. And one may get lesser calories than before.

There are some limitations; one can pick from the selection of foods the program offers. There are 150 foods included in the extensive plan called ‘Uniquely Yours’. One may also choose from a variety of items to be purchased at the grocery store.

28-day shipment of food can be ordered from the company which it selects, or one may also select an individual item from the list. Different options available in the meal plan are intended for women, men, diabetic patients, vegetarians, or anyone over 60 years.

The plan hardly involves cooking since most Nutrisystem food items are ready to eat or require heating only. But a few food items bought from the grocery store such as fruits, vegetables, and fish, may require some preparation.

Nutrisystem diet plan highly recommends getting around 30 minutes of daily physical activity, which can be broken up into three 10-minute sets per day. The plan does allow for dietary restrictions and preferences, and there are meal plans for vegetarians and even diabetic patients. But the plan does not have plans for people on a vegan diet. And it does not permit certain food allergies like peanut or soy allergies, and it is also not gluten-free.

What Else One Should Know?

The price of the program differs based on a few things like the plans are designed differently for women or men, vegetarians, older people, or diabetic patients. Generally speaking, one can expect to pay in the range of $230 to $300 monthly for the plan, plus the foods bought from the grocery store.

The program has an active web-based community and online tools, as well as direct help via calling the company. On the side note, one may face some difficulty when starting off the program and have to make additional food options on one’s own. The diet program provides all the necessary information regarding this.

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Does It Work?

Controlling calorie intake and meal portions and also consuming meals regularly is a healthy solution that should effectively lead to weight loss while on the plan. If one sticks to the prepackaged meals and add only healthy foods, look for ways to promote plan ensures they will lose weight. The food one consumes is healthy and nutritious. It can be a bit hard at first during the transition towards consuming ‘good food’ when the person gets closer to the weight-loss target and don’t depend on meals already prepared.

Benefits of Nutrisystem to certain health condition:

Patients of hypertension, cardiac issues, high cholesterol or diabetes are usually not open to all types of diet plan but Nutrisystem is safe for them as well.

Meals contain sodium, saturated fats, and trans fats in low amounts, while it includes smart carbohydrates, fiber-rich whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats and a wide range of other foods. But it is recommended to talk to the doctor before starting the program in case of a preexisting medical condition.

The Final Verdict

Nutrisystem comes highly recommended by various medical and health experts for its efficacy and ease of use. The diet program is designed to be definitive and convenient. If one can avoid thinking about meal sizes, planning, cooking, or shopping and are okay to have prepared meals delivered to the doorstep ready to be consumed, then one is undoubtedly going to like this program.

But the plan is not recommended for people who either have a preference of cooking themselves or eating out occasionally or those who live on a tight food budget. And the real question is if one can keep losing and maintaining weight when no longer on the diet plan.

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