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Amid the chaos that Coronavirus has brought upon our planet, there are people who are trying to make others laugh through their quarantine videos and memes over the internet. Since internet is apparently the only thing keeping us all connected to each other at the moment, if you are feeling alone and isolated, it can be a great help to ease out your stress and isolation anxiety.

Some of the famous videos and memes are here below,

This guy here used his phone dial keypad to instrument a very famous song of 1D “What makes your beautiful” and the tweet instantly banged. You wonder how do people even come up with ideas like that but they sure did and it was on point. The tweet received 400k likes and 175k retweets.

Being sane and keeping your mind productive is near to impossible amidst this pandemic, some people might’ve lost their minds as they party it out with their alternative personalities! This fellow here is hilariously partying with his self as that’s all he can do and be sure that he’s safe. This tweet received 450 retweets and 1320 likes.

We’re all sad that we have to distance ourselves from our loved ones but we can still make the most of it as long as we’re optimistic. Just as this lady had to be quarantined after returning from Italy but her adorable parents did the kindest act possible by keeping her company anyways through such creative means! A loving moment between a family struggling during this pandemic. This tweet has 219k retweets and 1.3M likes.

How creative can you get while being isolated? These guys have the answer! Literally firebreathing their way to happiness. They might be locked up in different apartments but creativity and the hustle don’t stop there for these lads. This tweet has 190k retweets and 640 likes.

This is the cutest thing to come out of this quarantine. The end has a massive plot twist, people might be locked up in their houses, but their creative element has flourished even more! A domino effect is being played out in this video you could say. This tweet has 152k retweets and 524k likes.

These are absurd times  and we all are having difficulty coping up with the world. Especially not knowing when this pandemic is going to end. We shouldn’t lose hope though. These videos are proof that we can still have fun and be silly.

We might be isolated in every way possible but this is the 21st century, ironically we’re more connected than ever before. Entertainment is a remedy during this disastrous time and we all need to keep ourselves sane by watching such videos over and over again!

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