Andrew Yang, a presidential candidate who ran for the 2020 democratic primaries has collaborated with Asian cultural collective Gold House to improve standards of living for specifically those who’ve been effected the most by the pandemic.

Most effected are marginalised communities, taking this in account, Yang has launched The All American Movement. As a part of Yang’s campaign, he has enlisted a long list of diverse celebrities.  Hasan Minhaj, Sen. Kamala Harris, Dave Chapelle, Olivia Munn, John Leguizamo, Joseph Gordon Levitt, George Takei, Daniel Dae Kim, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Marc Cuban and Sophia Bush are few of the many notable ones.

Apart from Andrew Yang’s contribution, 3.1PhillipLim, Prabal Gurung, Monse, Li, Inc etc. are few of the many independent businesses who’ve supported The All American Movement. These businesses in partnership with Gold House have set up #AllAmericans based products. The profit generated through these sales will be used for underprivileged citizens from marginalised communities.

In order to elevate them from poverty, provide them health care and protect them from any sort of racism.

Meanwhile the celebrities hired for the campaign shall be doing an #AllAmericans where they’ll be advocating for the program of the newly launched A website where citizens can fulfill their medical care requirements and complain against racist acts in their community.

The reason this pandemic has effected minorities far more has more to do with internalized racism rather than economic loss. Donald Trump and other congressmen continuously referred COVID-19 as the “Chinese Virus” despite having no concrete evidence of that fact and even if it did come from China, the term itself is highly problematic and due to it’s use violence against Asians peaked an all time high. Their businesses saw a 40-80% decline as well. This campaign to help marginalised communities is important not only for Asians but for other minorities as well, as evident by the following facts. African-americans represent 72% of COVID-19 deaths in Chicago while Latinx Americans represent 34% of COVID-19 deaths in New York City.


Crises often force us to retreat to what we know — too often, at the expense of others, but COVID-19 does not discriminate, which is why we cannot either,” Bing Chen, Chairman, Goldththe . “Asians have slurs and acid thrown at us; the African American and Latinx communities have systemic bias masked in health care systems and employment thrown at them daily.”

He continued, “Surviving this — and the months to come — is going to take all communities, all industries, and all nations to fortify resources for a cure, more proactive prevention, and fluid lines for empathy that will hopefully endure this pandemic. This is a wakeup call for how we can — and must– all rise together. It is the only way our species endured any catastrophe. And it’s the only way — being tougher together — that we’ll get through tomorrow.”

We often overlook Andrew Yang as a mere presidential candidate but truth be told, he along with the Chairman of Gold House, have done marvels for marginalised communities long before COVID-19 and the elections. Current circumstances has only highlighted their deeds and now they’re in far more need. As of now, Andrew Yang and Bing Chen have collaborated with other creatives on the All American movement, other than the celebrities already mentioned.

Other creatives who have boarded the All Americans Movement include Noah Centineo, Jay Williams, Pamela Adlon, Dane Dehaan, Lisa Ling, Fat Joe, Joel McHale, Richard Marx, JJ Redick, Teri Hatcher, Sue Bird, Alyssa Milano, Van Jones, Marcellus Wiley, Taylor Rapp, Megan Rapinoe, among many more.

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