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Shopping is considered as a ‘retail therapy’ that has a soothing effect on people suffering from a number of health issues. Online shopping has made it a lot easier for people to get things they want delivered right at their door steps.

However, that might not be the case for plus-size shoppers considering the limited availability of plus-size clothing has made the thrill of spending on style more traumatizing than tranquil. The fashion industry hasn’t been giving plus-sized people enough attention and those who did were criticized for promoting obesity. But things are changing with more and more online retailers jumping the Plus-size clothing bandwagon making it easier for these poeple to get their favourite gear delivered.

According to a survey carried out by XclusiveFashions.com 70 per cent of plus-size shoppers preferred online shopping compared to going in-store. The reason? One of the worst things is to really like something and upon inquiring being told that the thing they liked was only available in regular sizes. In case of online shopping the stores have it on display what all options are available in plus sizes and this makes it easier to navigate, select and finally buy what they really like without haven’t to go through the embarassement of being denied availability of their size.

One of the respondents said that there are very few brands that carry plus-size clothing in store; and even if they do carry them, most of them will be sold out or is difficult to find which of the clothes are available in plus-sizes.

“I’ve pretty much given up shopping in-store, it’s just not worth my time. I buy 90 percent of my items online”, said the respondant.

One of the respondents said that when it comes to plus-size clothing, they want an in-store shopping experience that is better and has been derived from their opinions and suggestions. These shoppers aren’t just ready for the fashion world to change. They are ready and willing to help — or, rather, force — it to change.

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