8zZayn Malik has come a long way since departing from the boyband, One Direction and it looks like he has another pleasant surprise! According to a report by TMZ, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are expecting their firstborn!

Various “family sources,” told the news outlet that the supermodel, Gigi Hadid is over 20 weeks pregnant with her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Zayn Malik.

The sex of the baby hasn’t been declared yet by the families but either way, both sides are quite happy to learn this fascinating news and are eager to welcome their newborn, sources added.

A maneuver of this sort should’ve been expected since this breakthrough headline comes just after the supermodel celebrated her 25th birthday in a small gathering at their family’s Pennsylvania farm amid this pandemic.

Although we shouldn’t have high hopes as of yet since the couple has yet to announce has yet to make an announcement on their own at any of their social media platforms.

As of right now, the couple is currently in quarantine along with Hadid’s sister, supermodel Bella. A few members of their families can be seen as well since the couple has regularly been posting their ‘quarantined’ pictures on social media!


No one could’ve expected this astounding news however but from the looks of it, miracles do happen. Despite the depressing state of the entire world, fans of the couple are eagerly waiting for the child’s arrival.

This is what many fans have to say and it’s more than just shocking to say the least!

Those who dreamed of Zayn Malik as their husband aren’t taking the news very well, it seems.

Zayn Malik being of Pakistani-British descent and similarly Gigi Hadid with her Dutch-Palestinian genes, their newborn is surely going to be the most beautiful human being born! This fact seems to have triggered a lot of people’s insecurities!

The world doesn’t lack celebrity kids. There was much hype surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s child and the Kardashian kids but this child is going to set new benchmarks, as claimed by their fans!

The couple has a history of drifting apart every now and then but with this astounding news, it seems like they’re going to be together for good now.

Sunday, E! News confirmed that the two are, indeed, dating once again. “Gigi and Zayn got back together right before the holidays in December,” a source told E! News. “Zayn has been reaching out to Gigi for the last month, and she is giving him another chance.”

The source continued about the couple, who had broken up since January 2019, “She has always loved him and the break between the two was needed.”

“Zayn has been working on his past music and focusing on his health and is in a really good place currently,” the source had earlier revealed.

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