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In a world which is going through a pandemic and where uncertainty increases day by day, along with conflicting government policies by various countries and the world being at literal panic, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un has been assumed dead weeks ago according to various reports.

This seem inauthentic however since every report is conflicting to the other. The earliest report citied by sources within the Trump administration said that the dictator was in ‘bad shape’ and potentially nearing death after undergoing a heart surgery.

Being arch-rivals, South Korea was expected to applaud to the news but in contrary, analysts and officials from the country straight up denied the accusations, claiming that Kim Jong-un is in perfect health. “The groundless rumours about North Korea have caused various unnecessary economic, security and societal confusion and costs,” the South’s Unification Ministry said in a text message to reporters.

The speculation further escalated when Kim wasn’t present at his grandfather’s annual parade. This parade is as significant to North Korea as the 4th of July is to Americans. The day’s dedicated to North Korea’ founder Kim-II Sung and takes places on April 11. Kim Jong-un not showing up for such an auspicious occasion is frightening!

On April 18, the infamous publication, TMZ reported that Kim Jong-un had died according to a mysterious Chinese report and rumours around Chinese social media which alleged that a medical team departed from China to treat North Korea’s leader. Given China and North Korea’s close alliance, this was certainly possible.

Since North Korea is highly censored in terms of journalism, there was no report by the government on Kim’s condition. Numerous conspiracy theories came afterwards – Kim’s hiding to save himself from COVID-19 and that his sister is going to takeover are few notable theories.

Publications even expected that the world would see the youngest dictator in modern history as Kim Jong-un’s sister is merely 32 years old.

Satellites images helped publications in finding the clues to Kim’s uncanny whereabouts. Presidential train has been parked near a presidential retreat at Wonsan is what was reported through satellite images. On this, a journalist had a few deeming words to say on this on Twitter:

Although, everything changed recently when Kim was spotted allegedly at a fertilizer-factory ribbon cutting on May 1. These photos were revealed by North Korea’s state media, hence the chances of these being a part of a bigger propaganda is higher!

The lack of any video released by the state’s media and a statement by the leader, Kim Jong-um hasn’t been made either, causing one to question the authenticity of the report by the propagandist government.

Korean media report twice mentioned “thundering cheers.” But there was no video. No visuals of the leader doesn’t appeal the masses nor the media. Only causing more questions to surface.

The specific placement of the date ‘May 1’ on the banner is of peculiar behaviour by the state. Further causing one to doubt how truthful North Korea’s media is being to the world.

However the case may be, we wish Kim Jong-un the best of health as him dying such uncertain times would do more harm than good. North Korea reports that it has absolutely no patients having contracted COVID-19 but how much of this report by North Korea’s government authentic isn’t clear. The fascist regime could be hiding it’s cases as a huge population is already oppressed and isolated from the outside world. Intelligencer contributor Heather Hurlburt reports that, “rumors about the demise of [North Korea’s] leaders are a national tradition.”

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