COVID-19 might have halted concerts all over the world and disturbed Swifties from attending any of the superstar’s events but need not worry, since Taylor Swift shall be on the screen next Sunday!

Her latest special ‘City of Lover’ will be aired on ABC firstly on May, 17. Before being available digitally on Disney+ and Hulu, the following day.

The legendary songwriter herself has been occupied this year with promoting her latest album ‘Lover‘ throughout her tours but obviously the pandemic has changed the dynamics of concerts and many singers have restored to online concerts or delaying their tour to 2021.

Taylor did the same by delaying all her 2020 tours to the next year. Luckily this new special was recorded in Paris last fall at L’Olympia Theatre.

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That tour of her’s revolved around her album ‘Lover’ and was nothing short of spectacular. Fortunately for Taylor’s fans, they can be quarantined and enjoy their favourite singer’s concert at home and be safe!

The concert titled as ‘City of Lover’ was promoted on the basis that there’s a chance for contest winners from 37 countries to have the privilege of listening to Swift in a grand arena!

Fans can instantly tune in to ABC as the concert will premiere immediately after American Idol’s finale. This a hope in dark times for diehard Swift fans and they’re reactions on Twitter is nothing short of excitement!

A few details of the concert that sources have revealed is that it has an intimate crowd, creating a more soothing and wholesome experience rather than going the usual way where concerts often seem chaotic to many.

This new special of Taylor Swift will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before of her on air. It’s completely different from her emotionally driven documentary Miss Americana and being a concert based screening, this is the perfect opportunity for Swifties to watch her sing from her latest album ‘Lover’. Many of her hit tracks are yet to be aired.

“While we are all home, Taylor Swift and her family of fans will be able to have a moment together and experience a never-before-seen, intimate performance,” said Eric Avram, ABC Entertainment’s VP of talent and booking, vice president, “and we are so thrilled to be able to offer this to our own family of viewers on ABC.”

Fans can expect the concert to be similar to her previous special ‘Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour’ and even better considering the circumstances of airing a concert that took place in September of 2019. Airing it today during such uncertain times, makes it even more special for her beloved Swifties.

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