Being in a state of quarantine and having the pleasures of spending memorable moments with her family is what the supermodel, Kylie Jenner is up to these days.

She’s been cherishing her free time as she’s getting to be isolated with her family and finally getting the time to be in solitude.

It isn’t easy when you’re one of the world’s youngest billionaires and have little to no time for family. Also on top of that being associated as a Kardashian sister and having to keep up with the rest.

COVID-19 has changed the dynamics though. Due to the pandemic many celebrities have resorted to conducting live sessions on Instagram for their fans but it seems like the 22-year old reality star now just wants to spend her time isolated, as she has all the time in the world for her precious daughter, Stormi Webster now!

On her Instagram story it can be seen that she was watching an episode of the hit miniseries ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ but decided to play her daughter’s apparent favourite movie ‘Frozen’!

Kylie Jenner while appreciating her daughter cuddling with her as they both rested to watch a rerun of Frozen which according to Kylie is for the 127th time as she’s captioned on her Instagram story.

Being of the most followed Instagram accounts ever, she subconciously gave a shout out to ‘Little Flies Everywhere‘. A miniseries starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington.

She continued on posting cute stories of mother-daughter moments as they reminisced over Disney’s highest grossing animated movie ‘Frozen‘.Both the daughter, Stormi and she cuddled together while being wrapped in a white blanket and comfortably playing around with Instagram filters.

Cutely, a day before mother’s day, Kylie showed immense love for her daughter said that, “I love you, Baby Goose, I love you, Baby Goose!’. Her son showed affection back to his gorgeous mother and replied, “I love you Mommy Goose!”

Stormi Webster can be seen wearing tie-dye pajamas and cute yellow pajamas. Travis Scott and Kylie’s daughter looks as adorable as the former couple!

Kylie Jenner continued on boasting her cosmetics collection the next stories, as well as taking one for sponsored posts on the side as well.

Kylie being an entrepreneur and a billionaire on top of that is a force to be reckoned with! Travis might not have appreciated her but her beloved followers and her adorable daughter are always here for the supermodel!







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