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It might come off as a surprise to many that Camila Cabello was once part of a girl band called Fifth Harmony! The band similar to One Direction was formed way back in 2012 during the second season of US’s X-Factor.

Similar to Fifth Harmony there was a another band called Little Mix which was coincidentally formed at UK’s X-Factor. Both bands had more or less of the same genre – focusing on pop.

The two bands sparked such energy where ‘women empowerment’ became their tagline unprovoked. Although Fifth Harmony came into existence a year later than Little Mix but the former split a long time ago in 2018. Being in existence for over 6 years!

Fifth Harmony claims to be in hiatus though. They’re still open to coming together for one last gig but until then Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Normani, Ally Broke and Dinah Jane are busy in their separate ways!

Recently the band has been trending on Twitter and is in the limelight because of their apparent rival Little Mix. Both being success stories of X-Factor and being an all-girls band are similar on a huge scale. They’ve always denied having any trouble with either of the band’s members but recently Little Mix might’ve said something out of proportion for the former band.

This has led to backlash from both the band’s fan accounts on Twitter:

Being quarantined, Buzzfeed held a virtual interview with the girls and they had a few words to say about Fifth Harmony.

The band had the following words to say:

“I’d say at one point we did.”, claimed by Jesy Nelson. The other bandmates affirmed and replied, “We can say that.” “We always loved them. “We never didn’t like them as people….”

Perrie Edwards elaborated on their statement further by saying, “There wasn’t rivalry as such because we loved them all, and we did like Fifth Harmony, but do you mean that when they came out we were a bit like, ‘Oh no!'”

To which everyone unanimously agreed and said, “Yeah.” “Yeah, I don’t think there was ever rivalry because they were so different.”

“I think if they were doing the same stuff we were doing and we were similar, I don’t know, but I feel like we never really thought that there was rivalry.”

“No, I don’t think we had a problem with the girls, I think it was more a bit awkward that we were on the same label more than anything.”

The last statement by Jade Thirlwall seemed to have summarized their thoughts. The band disclosed how they felt ‘awkward’ because Simon Cowell‘s Syco label put both the bands on the same platform and considering their similar traits, a rivalry was inevitable.

Little Mix hasn’t opened up to such claims ever before in their 9 year long run but perhaps changing record labels has caused them to be more expressive about the band’s unfortunate history. Recently the all-girl band signed up with Sony’s RCA Records and bid farewell to Syco, a company that was the foundation of their career.

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