Ever had a moment where you had to throw away strawberries you bought less than a week ago? It’s strawberry season again and we all finally have the chance to get hold of such a delicious delight!

We’ve all been there, being utterly disappointed when opting for make a fresh smoothie and then seeing the fruit being covered up with fungus of all things!


It’s disheartening but fortunately we’ve got a feasible solution. Strawberries are prone to such bacteria but our hacks can make the strawberries last longer than usual. It’s an easy and simple hack and you only need a handful of ingredients. So, without further ado – let’s dive into it.

The ingredients you’ll need:

1) Vinegar

2) Water

3) Colandar or Salad Spinner

It’s a simple straight way process where you can start off by adding 1 ½ vinegar, preferably white vinegar in a large bowl and add 2 ½ cup of water along with it.

Thoroughly mix it together it’ll scrap off all the bacteria attacked to it! The vinegar’s acidic nature helps in doing that. To make sure your strawberries don’t end up smelling like vinegar, you may rinse the strawberries further on a colandar.

The vinegar doesn’t have a huge effect on the taste of these berries but you can never be sure, the least you want is a strawberry disguised as vinegar!

Be cautious and do not consume the fruit immediately or even leave it as it is. You need to specifically rinse it in a salad spinner or colander as mentioned above.

The strawberries need to be in a dry state, it’ll protect it from getting rot. This shall do the trick and then you can go ahead with your plans for the day!

Consuming strawberries on a daily basis should be a mundane activity as it’s been scientifically proven to be far more healty than other fruits and if you’re not a keen fan of fruits, this one even actually tastes good! It’s a win-win situation.

Healthy and delicious? That’s strawberries for you. Filled with an abundance of essentials such as vitamins, elements and carbohydrates such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber and antioxidants.

Other than this quick hack – always wash it on the go! Frequently washing it delays it’s exposure to bacteria. Another key point is that even if one strawberry out of the bunch has slight traces of being moldy, remove it immediately!

Much like COVID-19 these days, one rotten peace can destroy the entire troupe! Comment below and let us know if you’ve any queries!

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