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Jeff Bezos Becoming A Trillionaire Isn’t Soothing Well With Many


While the world’s going through a pandemic, humanity being on the verge of doomsday, Jeff Bezos on the other hand is on the way to become trillionaire!

He’ll be the first man to to hoard the trillionaire signature. Already being the world’s richest man, currently sitting at a net worth of $143 billion, he’s a potential trillionaire by 2026.

Assuming that his wealth grows exponentially over the next 6 years as reported by Comparisun. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though – Amazon has been valued as one of the few trillion-dollar companies and amidst the pandemic, it’s a part of essential services!

Jeff Bezos’s company’s stock is up 25%, this year alone because of COVID-19. At this pace, since Bezos’s wealth increases an average of around 30-35% percent every year, he’ll be a definite trillionaire by 2026.

It’s surprising that he can accomplish this feat in only a matter of 6 years despite going through a divorce settlement recently. Mackenzie Scott, his ex-wife didn’t settle for less and made sure the billionaire paid his dues. The former couple separated on agreement of a whopping $38 billion!

That was a quarter of the CEO’s net worth back then. 2019 didn’t turn out to he good for Jeff, not only did he went through a heartbreaking divorce but lost a significant amount financially as well.

2020 is Amazon’s year though – Jeff who was once valued at $63 billion is now standing at $143 billion and we know what his possible figure will be in 6 years, it’s only a matter of time.

On the contrary, despite all the hype around the man, many researchers are skeptical of being eventually becoming a trillionaire. A source at CNBC said,

RBC Capital Markets tech analyst Mark Mahaney was brief in his reaction to the optimistic projection by Comparisun: “Put me down as skeptical,” is what he’d claimed.

He further continued on by claiming that a trajectory growth that’s occured over the past 5 years might not be the same for the upcoming years. It shouldn’t be taken as a concrete value. His net worth can depreciate over time, since a recession is underway. Amazon’s growth is negligible if the entire economy is in shambles.

Either way, Jeff Bezos isn’t going out of the limelight any time soon and him being announced as an eventual trillionaire has certainly angered Twitter! The billionaire’s usually infamous on Twitter in a way that he’d been accused of hoarding money and tax evasion out of many accusations, but the news of him becoming a trillionaire while a global recession is underway is what shocked many.

Unemployment is on the surge all over the world and especially in the USA where over 36 million Americans have filed for governmental benefits.

Harsh. People aren’t keen with the idea of a trillionaire existing while the rest of the world struggles to even meet their basic necessities. Either way, Amazon’s CEO is going to be a trillionaire by 2026 or it might take longer, it’s inevitable in the long run.





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