COVID-19 has reshaped all of our lives and for the billionaire supermodel Kylie, it’s no different. Considering the fashion icon she is, it’s safe to say that her daughter won’t be spared from any vogue statements!

This past week, she tried changing Stormi’s curls by adding a nostalgic touch to it. 90’s styled hair clips and a lower-bun with two part divides on her hair, is what the 2-year old sported.

Her fashion sense is inclusive of her father’s traits too! Kylie and Travis might not be on the same page but their daughter depicts both of their characteristics.

Since, a silver chain and white sneakers supported her look as well, she truly resembled a rapping icon much like her father.

Alongside, it didn’t become a fashion disaster. The clips on her hair complement with the purplish tie she’s wearing, Kylie truly thought it out all out beforehand.


“Tried a new hairstyle on my baby today,” is what the Kardashian sister captioned on her Instagram post, reaching over 176m followers. Before this experimental styled tried out by Kylie, Stormi looks rather showcased her top knot and curly hair in the open.

Travis Scott’s daughter truly looks adorable, either way though. Being quarantined is where Kylie’s finally got the chance to settle down a bit and indulge herself in the simplest joys of life though. Braiding her daughter’s hair is certainly one of them for the cosmetics founder.

Many of Kylie’s fellow fashion enthusiasts commented on her daughter’s cute pose at Instagram. Not only them, Kim Kardashian herself took time out for her niece as well!

Kylie’s Instagram stories have been nothing short of phenomenal over the past few weeks and despite being quarantined with her daughter, it doesn’t seem like they’re missing out on anything.

Why would they? The mansion in Los Angeles, where they reside costs over $35 million dollars. The property is located in Holmby Hills, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Being bored in a mansion worth millions of dollars is near to impossible.

Considering that Kylie is acclaimed as one of the world’s youngest billionaires, she’s bought various real estate properties over the years, the one where she’s isolated with Stormi is her current premises.

Even in quarantine, the 2-year old can be seen playing a game of tennis at the mansion, one can only imagine how huge it must be then.

According to reports, it further occupies a space of 15,350 square feet and has over seven bedrooms. For recreation purposes, swimming pool, chef’s kitchen, a bar and games room, a championship-level sports court and a home cinema aren’t unusual for a Kardashian household.







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