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It’s 2020 but Grunge Is Back In Fashion – Let’s Go Through It’s History


A lot of fashion movements have come and go but there’s one iconic aesthetic which just keeps being vogue over and over again! Yes, Grunge it is.

Many millennials familiarized themselves with the movement when it peaked during the ’90s. Whereas, truth being, it was the during the ’80s when musicians had started out to make groundbreaking statements with their unconventional attires.

One would expect that such fashion traits must’ve originated from an artistic city, but in actuality, it originated in Seattle – a city where music was basically non-existent at the time.

A time where every other band’s music displayed themes of hopefulness, optimism and being happier, grunge changed the discourse.

Indie musicians from Evergreen State College and the University of Washington went out of the box and then went through a seminal way – this is what made grunge music so popular and then inevitably the iconic fashion movement came to be.

Over here, the legendary Mark Arm can be seen sporting the earliest trait of ‘grunge’ aesthetic. Infamously at the time, many critics deemed such music and fashion style as ‘ugly’.

Ironically, that was the whole point. Grunge wanted to distant themselves from typical art of the times. Focusing on themes of nihilism and pessimism, grunge become a cultic maneuver which appealed to certain fans.

Times have changed though, we’ve come a long way – grunge is the most refreshing aesthetic you can adapt to these days.

Nirvana and Pearl Jam elevated the movement to it’s peak and to this day, their fashion statement is what drives grunge. Their carelessness attitude toppled with threadbare flannels, combat boots, and androgynous granny dresses defines grunge.

It isn’t strictly neccessary to adhere to the way pop-stars dressed decades ago as well. Classics such as leather jackets can be combined with simpler clothing pieces and still be deemed as iconic! It’s all about the way it’s combined. ripped denim, oversized silhouettes, beanies, and slouchy sweaters – combined with conventional clothings can end up making a killer outfit!

A grunge outfit is supposed to define you as someone who’s anguished by every unfortunate thing. Your laid back attitude and annoyance to capitalistic decrees.

Here are a few outfits to wear this summer!

It doesn’t get more grunge than this, a simple oversized plaid shirt combined with any sort of piece gives off an uncanny resemblance to Kurt Cobain.

Now, this is boho – a trait of grunge that’s the most easy to sport these days. Here you can change your outfit a bit and try different combinations, as it suits. A checkered pant combined with a classical suede jacket gives that refreshing touch to it while sticking to the fundamentals of the aesthetic.

Fans of Nirvana or grunge music in general can absolutely combine their outfit to showcase their musical taste! A ripped denim, a silver chain, larger boots and ofcourse to end it all, a nirvana t-shirt.

This is what Grunge represents! A movement which once only appealed to those Generation X who once considered to be outcasts is now a global sensation. Even endorsed by Calvin Klein and countless other brands.

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