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The world’s changed drastically, for the better or the worse, is questionable but nothing is going to he the same again, surely. We know that many fans had numerous plans for 2020! Whether it be a Taylor Swift concert or a wholesome K-Pop event, everyone was pumped up but then as they say, nothing is certain.

But we’re in the 21th century and the world is at such convenience that doing anything virtually is possible by high standards. Be it watching previous concerts on social media or a live session by your favorite celebrity!

A multitude of celebrities, mostly singers are eager to keep themselves connected with their audience and have resorted to social media to do so. Here are a dozen number of apps you can check out and interact with your favorite superstars!

Instagram Live

Long are the days where you had to wait for your favorite celebrities to come on TV. Now, they can literally be seen on IG TV!

Considering the lockdown which doesn’t seem to end anytime is underway, celebrities are getting bored as well. Going live on Instagram is their way of coping up with this pandemic.

Notable celebrities who go live often include: Cardi B, Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, DJ Khaled and an uncountable number of stars.


To be notified when they go live, be sure that you follow them, you’ll get a notification instantly once a personality comes up. You can talk and interact with them in the comments simultaneous, isn’t that wholesome?


Cameo is an app not that well known but it’s an underrated one. Here, fans can directly interact with their beloved personalities and even get them to put out a personal message for themselves. Isn’t that adorable?

An exclusive chance yo get something worth remembering. Though the app isn’t free unlike Instagram. Hence why you can get an autograph in the form of a video message, here.

Celebrities you’d find on this platform include Perez Hilton, Ziggy Marley, Snoop Doug and Rebecca Black among many others.


YouNow is another platform which has the same purpose as a streaming app, where you’re the consumer and influcencers arestreaming themselves from the other side. It’s quite diverse in a sense that you can content from various different genres. Be it gaming streams, a random nobody eating something, a one-on-one interview, or just simple sit-down live streams. This app has abudant of content. YouNow probably has it all. The app usually has underrated celebrities who’re not mainstream anymore but that doesn’t make them any less, in fact, they’re the ones putting the best content out there!

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