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Death is inevitable. This fact is hard to digest for most people, even the most mature of adults. Expecting kids to understand such trauma shouldn’t be, well expected.

A legend himself, Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers inspired kids from all walks of life and served as a role model for them. These kids might not know him personally but their innocent heart makes them exactly feel that.

Combined with the charismatic personality that he had, it certainly appealed to the youth who looked upto him as their idol. Dare I say, he was the Micheal Jordon of his era.

In unfortunate events, Bryant’s death occured on Sunday in a helicopter crash. He died along with his daughter, another kid who looked upto him as did any of his younger fan.

This can be the case with any celebrity considered dear to a child. Whether it be Kobe, Hagen Mills or any other public figure.

Here, we cite expert based opinion on how one should deal with a child when such a disaster occurs. How parents should empathize with their kids and help them recover from the loss of a celebrity, they considered as family.

They’ll Naturally Come Around
When someone as famous as Kobe or or any other public figure passes away, children are most lilely to hear the news from their classmates.
Parents don’t need to have the burden of revealing the unfortunate news to children themselves, it’s the digital age. They’d have found out about it before any of the adults.
It’s important to keep check of your child is behaving, though. The way they eat, their mood and their overall look towards life. In most cases, the child eventually comes around but if not, you can always talk about the elephant in the room, yourself.
Tell Them, It’s Ok to Grief 
Grieving when a loved one passes away is natural and children shojld know that. Telling them to stop feeling sad and just moved on isn’t going to help them in the long run. They’ll keep it in their heart until they die, it’s better to let it all out. Channel all your sadness by talking to a loved one, a parent in this case.
“The child might be struggling with the fact that they are having such intense emotions for someone they have never met. In my own private practice following the death of Kobe Bryant, I had several clients express these mixed feelings where on the one hand they were incredibly sad because Kobe was someone they admired and looked up to, but on the other hand they couldn’t understand why they were feeling so sad for someone they had only seen on television,” Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn, said.
Support and Emphasize with Them
Understand that it’s not going to he easy. Death is a difficult concept to understand for adolescents and there should be no expectations from them, whatsoever.
All in all, always ask them about their feelings and never let them be as it is, when you sense that your child isn’t behaving normally.
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