Are these trackers as accurate as they say or they’re just scamming you? Chances are for the latter if your fitness tracker doesn’t track your steps the way it should.

Personalizing your device which is going to help you keep a healthy lifestyle inevitably is a must. It’ll help it keep an accurate estimate of the how you’ve walked so far.

It’s necessary in the sense that everyone has a different metabolism and calories don’t react the same way, it’s necessary to keep track of it.

Individuals differ and that’s why it’s important to set your device to recognize your details before you use it. To be fair, rely on these 5 hacks to get a better record:

To start off, entering facts about yourself accurately is necessary. Age, gender, height and weight have the most significance and your tracker deserves to know these basic facts about your body. Changing facts related to your weight every now and then is essential as well. If the tracker doesn’t adjust it automatically, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Fitness tracker apps usually get you on how to correcty wear the band but if that’s not the case – placing it on your hip and thighs is an appropriate way.

It’ll keep track of the recreational you’re doing. For an activity that goes beyond simply walking, like biking, it’s preferred to wear it on your shoe or tie on a sock.

If this doesn’t work out, another hack to consider is, setting exclusive based activity algorithm. This way your tracker knows what you’re doing beforehand. Be it cycling, swimming, running or basically any other fitness based activity.


Using your non-dominant hand is a key factor that needs to be considered as well. Our movement of hands is so excessive at times that it it’s ironically more active the feet itself.

on a non-dominant hand, it’ll help to move the band around that much, resulting in accurate results eventually.

Look out yourself at how you’ve progressed throughout the day, it’ll help in the long and set a typical step count in your head. If it starts to differ from the usual count and you haven’t done anything other than mundane activities, then that’s where you should worry.

Often there are bugs affiliated with a different number of brands and perhaps a software update might as well fix it. Be sure to look out for routinely updates for your band, calibration for movement is their utmost priority and it does get better after every update.



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