LIt wasn’t long before Kylie Jenner acclaimed the title of ‘youngest billionaire’. Reaching such milestones at the age of 21, her achievement shouldn’t be bottled up.

Currently standing at a net worth of $1 billion and owning a mansion at Holmby Hills, an elitist neighborhood in Los Angeles, Jenner isn’t devoid of any material objects. In a state of quarantine, Kylie is currently residing at the mentioned mansion along with her daughter, Stormi Webster.

As far as her wealth is concerned, there’s been controversy surrounding the supermodel’s fortune. It’s no secret that she’s led a very privileged life and wasn’t ever broke before acclaiming herself as the youngest billionaire to exist.

Critics claim that the celebrity was born into wealth. Being brought up in a Kardashian household, she wasn’t short of privileges. It’s true to a high extent that Jenner upholded a high place in the hierarchy. Though her and her mother’s entrepreneurial mindset is what gave her the title of the youngest billionaire.

To start off, her wealth started to accumulate when she founded Kylie Cosmetics. At the age of 17, this renowned brand started off as a startup initially. A 17 year old starting her own makeup brand was all the fuzz back in 2014! It was a surprising decision, even for a Kardashian.

Kylie had a little over $250,000 initially, which reportedly was what she’d earned during her teenage years from the infamous reality show and brand endorsements.

Kris Jenner was the one who helped her daughter be busy with such capitalistic maneuvers, it ended up being beneficial in the long run. Kylie Cosmetics is now valued at over $900 Million or more.

Other than the cosmetic lineup, in 2015, Kylie collaborated with Kendall Jenner and they ended making a fortune by collaborating with Topshop and also expanding into the Kylie and Kendall collection, a line at Neiman Marcus, and a collaboration with PacSun. These are more than enough endorsements and partnerships to upsize a business for good.

Kylie didn’t stop here, becoming a billionaire isn’t solely possible from these businesses. Jenner’s Instagram has over 178M followers and is the sixth most followed account in Instagram’s history, just passed Beyonce.

Such a following has it’s perks and reportedly serves a quarter of Kylie’s income. A single post costs around $1 million and despite the price, the brand matters to a cerain extent as well. Uptil now, the brands Kylie has endorsed for on her Instagram and other social media accountsb are Quay Sunglasses, Teami Blends detox tea, SugarBearHair Vitamins, and so on.

Other than spending lavishly for her daughter and her own personal vacations, according to reports, her mansion occupies a space of 15,350 square feet and has over seven bedrooms. For recreation purposes, includes: a swimming pool, chef’s kitchen, a bar and games room, a championship-level sports court and a home cinema.

It might seem lavish for a anyone but Kylie is accustomed to such a lifestyle. She’s a billionaire now but her career started off from the infamous reality show.



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