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The debate of whether e-cigarettes are safe or not and whether they do more harm than good has been raging on ever since they were invented. A new study has now claimed that vaping or smoking e-cigarettes is a harmful practice that leads to lung diseases.

According to the study it can damage immunity, disable cells in the lungs and cause inflammation. The study conducted by researchers at University of Birmingham claims that e-cigarettes are not safe. In order to arrive at the conclusion, researchers devised a mechanical device that mimicked vaping at the laboratory. Lung tissue samples provided by non-smokers were used to carry out the experiment. It was found that the vapour led to inflammation and damaged activity of alveolar macrophages — cells that aid in removing dust particles, allergens and bacteria. It was concluded that further research was needed to get a better understanding of the health impact of vaping as the study was carried out within the confines of the laboratory.

Researchers say they don’t believe e-cigarettes are more harmful than ordinary cigarettes. But we should have a cautious scepticism that they are as safe as we are being led to believe. They are safer in terms of cancer risk – but if you vape for 20 or 30 years, it can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Public Health England, however, considers vaping safer than traditional cigarettes. It believed that e-cigarettes can help one overcome the habit of smoking and should be allowed on prescription.

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