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Desi Banks is one of those social media celebrities who gained clout through his comedic videos on Instagram. Based in Atlanta, Georgia – his sarcastic humor got him raising to the higest ranks of fame and eventually making Banks an influcencer!

The comedian, actor and influcencer currently has over 4.8 million followers on Instagram, 911k likes on Facebook and around 553k followers on Twitter. Considering that his content is mostly video-based, such a gap between all his social media platforms is expected.

Most recently, Desi Banks got himself in controversy and is being cancelled all over social media. Being critiqued as a racist & selfless being. The protests in Minneapolis and other states in support of Geroge Floyd and the atrocities committed against African-Americans isn’t a movement to make a joke of.


Banks didn’t seem to understand the intensity of the situation and posted a meme this Saturday morning. He seemingly called out the protest as insignificant, comparing it with the legendary Martin Luther King Jr march, the civil rights movement.

Captioning it as “This is a crime.” The image of looters at a Target store representing most of the protesters is what Banks tried to depict.

TWITTER: @iamdesibanks

With the ongoing pandemic and the recent protests, no one’s at a sane place right now and Banks’s post has only enraged many! Twitter doesn’t spare anymore and neither will they spare Desi Banks.

It truly showed how ignorant the comedian is on the matter. Not only embarrassing himself but putting his entire platform on stake as a cluster of ‘woke’ netizens came attacking him brutally!

One user commented on how the comedian might have to even change his targeted audience because of the blunder he made. Is another African-American comedian who makes skits just for white people’s recreation underway?

The African-American community has cancelled one of it’s favorite influencers and rightfully so, there’s no room for bigotry in this century.

The social media celebrity has been trending on Twitter and losing followers after every instant. Cancel culture isn’t sparing him at all!

We quoted that the digital media artist has 553k followers on Twitter, that was after this horrendous incident. He previously held over more than a million followers. It’s likely that Desi’s career is nearing it’s end now.


Banks’s skits revolve around Black culture and it’s hilarious elements. This is his niche. It’s unfortunate that the comic is facing hate from all sorts of place right now!


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