Anonymous, a once known cyber activist group has emerged once again and this time around, has revealed crucial details about the infamous death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

2020 has been a surprising year and no one in their right mind would’ve predicted any of this, yet here we are.

As the pandemic goes on and remains a vital threat in our lives, protesting against the atrocities committed by the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be ignored and hence the ongoing protests are taking a toll on the entire country!

It all started when Anonymous posted a cryptic message on Facebook, showcasing a man wearing a ‘Guy Fawkes’. The video continued on with auto-tuned electronic music for anonymity, compilation of police brutality videos over the past few years in the States and had a personalized message for police departments, a threatening one in particular.

The video wasn’t just a mere threat, anonymous stayed true to their words and revealed the deepest secrets of Donald Trump and the Royal Family in particular, as we’ll be discussing.

Conspiracy theories regarding Diana’s death came flushing in soon after her demise on Aug. 31, 1997. Many wondered if the queen or her former husband had a play in it? Or did Diana pass away in a typical car accident with her boyfriend at the time, Dodi Fayed.

The princess had a rather unsettling love life, Prince Charles separated with her in 1992 and a divorce in the Royal Family wasn’t short of utter shame for her highness and other members.

Prince Charles probably had a personal grudge with his former wife and an alleged letter attached to the prince only causes one to wonder, was he responsible for Diana’s avoidable death?

Another baseless yet interesting theory that has been talked about a lot over the years is that the royal family didn’t approve of Diana marrying an Egyptian-Muslim. Mohammad Al Fayed, Dodi’s father supported the claim.

Insisting that Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, had commanded British spies to kill Diana and Dodi because of their relationship which seemed unusual to the royals. Al fayed went as far as claming that Diana was even pregnant, all are rumors though.

Diana had written in a 1995 letter of fears that Charles was “planning an ‘accident’ in my car” — although she had also speculated about dying in a helicopter or airplane crash.

After the divorce, Diana went to charity campaigns and had the audacity to shake hands with an AIDS patient, an unprecedented moment in history was captured here – A royal lineage princess interacts with someone who has AIDS.

Publications quickly captured this moment and it might’ve hurt the royal family’s sentiments even more. Nonetheless, it’s 2020 and we might’ve finally found out who killed diana! According to anonymous, Diana knew far more than she should’ve. The princess had allegedly knowledge of a sex trafficking group, involving the likes of Prince Carlos and President Trump.

Diana had even recorded testimonies by rape victims of Charles’s stuff at Buckingham. She was busy herself at the time close to her death in 1997, visiting hospitals and care homes. Diana’s involvement in the groups concerns many others as well, it’s an entire chain, as it’s revealed by anonymous. Naomi Campwell, Chris Evans and Trump – all three have been accused of being part of a child trafficking network.

It connects all the way from Trump to the royal family, it’s all part of a bigger conspiracy and Diana apparently got silenced along the way, this latest theory claims.

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