Anonymous has been here for a long time, breaking down firewalls since 2003, it’s here to make an impact again. The group first gained attraction back in 2003 as mentioned and started off as merely trolls.

Using humor to indulge into justice was their way, the hackers have showcased an anarchist and rebellious nature. These hackers didn’t spare anyone and were even listed as one of the top influential beings of the year by various magazines.

These mysterious hackers have had the world’s top agencies scratching their minds as they’ve revealed even the biggest of secrets to the public, highly classified information.

Taking on the biggest corporations and political forces in the world – ISIS, scientology, Wall Street, the Clintons and most recently, Donald Trump.

Do these supposed ‘activists’ actually exist? It is not known. They aren’t easy to track, even the world’s top agencies have failed to do so. Their gimmick works on anonymity through decentralized messages and cryptic codes. Cluttering themselves has made them truly anonymous, not a single trace can be found.

The alliance’s cryptic allies is inspired from pop-culture references of the early 2000s. Guy Fawkes mask and the “man without the head” symbol that represents going against authoritarian states. The prior is taken from the 2006 blockbuster, “V for Vendetta”.

As of right now, the anonymous group has quickly grabbed the internet’s attention by speaning up against the atrocities committed in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Due to the unfortunate death of George Floyd, this past week. As the protests continue to escalate all over the country, surprisingly ‘anonymous’ has made it even more painful for police departments in every state by releasing an unsolicited video, threatening the authorities.

TWITTER: @YourAnonCentral

Exact words of the anonymous hackwes being, “expose your many crimes to the world.” This was a threat to the Minneapolis police department in particular.

It’s a digital age and it seems as if it was the perfect opportunity for these ‘vigilantes’ to attack. Aside from the threatening video, it’s rumored that the website has been taken down by the groups as claimed by William LeGate, an entrepreneur and programmer.

TWITTER: @williamlegate

The account affiliated with sharing that groundbreaking video hasn’t claimed that they’ve barged through any website but a similar anonymous account has retweeted in the affirmative. This is where the problem arises with anonymity, news being circulated can never be accurate, since no one truly knows who the vigilant group is.

As far as the details of the video is concerned, it was originally published on Facebook and has garnered over more than million people! Being autotuned with typical electronic music for anonymity, the video was a compilation of police brutality videos over the past few years in the States and had a personalized message for police departments, a threatening one in particular.

The message read, ” a horrific track record of violence and corruption,” claiming that the killing of George Floyd was “merely the tip of the iceberg.” Ending his or her speech with, “This travesty has gone on for far too long… and now the people have had enough.”

On a lighter note, this shocking video has confused netizens beyond anything. 2020 has been nothing short of a thriller and the jokes have been all the fun this year, aside from how tragic it’s been.

As of right now, protests have undertaken authorities in a submissive manner, the public is willing to go high means for accountability from the government. This statement by ‘anonymous’ revolutionizes everything. Judging from history, this hackers are a force to be reckoned with. If the government doesn’t answer to the people’s demands, we can only imagine what these hackers might do.

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