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The only concerning news throughout this week is the outcome of the ongoing protests across America and even the world. Blue Lives Matter was meant to be a comeback police departments, a response to Black Lives Matter.

Coincidentally both share the same abbreviations ‘BLM’. Causing social media platforms to pick up posts of the wrong movement, sabotaging the abbreviation, intended by the protesters and alleys around the world.

The protests started off from Minneapolis, Minnesota, when a innocent bystander, George Floyd was mercilessly killed by a police officer who stepped on his neck, while the African-American was down under a police vehicle. The incident since has been recorded since and all the officers incharge are under thorough investigation, yet justice hasn’t been served the way Floyd’s family and everyone else wants.


The movement since then has been underway in a large scale as many celebrities and netizens use their social influence to help the protesters while staying at home. Leading to a surge in petitions, donation drives, campaigns to enlighten people of the issue and make #blacklivesmatter a trend! A trend such that whenever you search up this tag, you can immediately get the latest updates on the situation and specific guidelines on what to do and how to be cautious at the rally.

Now, Blue Lives Matter is referring to the police force. The color blue refers to the police’s uniform and how the safety and sanity of the cops should be kept in consideration as well.

#bluelivesmatter took charge on Monday, 1st June. In Cincinnati, Ohio, police officers brought out blue flags at the march. Confusing protesters and leaving them all questioning the police’s stance.

Blue Lives Matter flag is a black-and-white US flag with a blue stripe replacing one white stripe. It is created by Thin Blue Line USA.

Thin Blue Line USA claim that the thin blue line represents officers in the line of duty and the black represents fallen officers. They raised it after a police officer in Cincinnati had been shot during the week’s protests.

Soon after, the movement picked pace on Twitter, flooding the app with countless far-right propaganda messages. Users and perhaps bots conspired by a government sent a wave of messages praising the police and highlighting their apparent problems.

The ‘blue lives matter’ campaign took a quick backfire as dozens of trolls and surprisingly even, K-pop fan accounts started using the hashtag in an ironic way. Completely dismissing the actual intent of the hashtag.

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