Ivanka Trump has been in the limelight lately and not for a good cause unfortunately. Trending on Twitter at such a time when her father, Donald Trump is being called out from all sorts of places – exposed by ‘Anonymous‘ being the latest one.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic and the protests, the world is at an uncertain place right now. Ivanka Trump was scheduled to give a speech at Wichita State University in Kansas, this Sunday.

Due to the outrage over George Floyd’s killing, the university didn’t seem it appropriate to host Ivanka at such an insensitive time and cancelled the event altogether.


Donald Trump, who’s showed fascist tendencies over the past 2 weeks and his irresponsible decisions on Black Lives Matter being widely criticized is being frowned upon right now. Inviting his daughter for a commencement speech would’ve been ironic.

The university’s administration decided to resort to other means and take back their decision on inviting the president’s daughter.

Surely it didn’t suit well with Ivanka, who went on ranting on Twitter. Sharing her rage at, “cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination”.

Our nation’s campuses should be bastions of free speech. Cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination are antithetical to academia. Listening to one another is important now more than ever!” she said on Twitter.

While her father has been accused of pedophilia recently with concrete evidence and even being shamed by Republicans these days, Ivanka being against ‘cancel culture’ puzzled critics.

Common thought prevailed that Trump shouldn’t have released the intended video by herself when clearly the university wasn’t fond of her.

Ivanka Trump’s Virtual Commencement Speech

Netizens and opposition alike thought that it was highly unethical of Ivanka to pull such a stunt. Releasing a university’s speech on her own platform didn’t leave a fair impression. In fact, trolls started to goof around with the video! An hilarious banter starts on Twitter from there!

Hence causing #byeivanka to trend! Users started to flood Donald’s tweet by spamming the speech and made insulting edits of the speech, reposting it on every Trump supporter’s news feed!

As the elections near and the country goes through major crisis at ones – recession, protests and the pandemic; Twitter users still won’t stop taking jabs at infamous politicans.


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An insensitive move by Ivanka? Surely, seems so. Black Lives Matter isn’t a movement restricted to America alone, anymore. Racism is ingrained in every other nation and the movement has made other nations realize that and stand in solidarity as well. Ivanka could’ve atleast showed her remorse, is what critics have claimed.


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