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John Oliver, acclaimed comedian and host of ‘Last Week Tonight‘ shifts fron his usual role as a social commentator on the late night show and fully fledges to address the ongoing protests and what needs to be done to finally put an end to police brutality.

The unfortunate incident which has taken America into shambles and shook the world to it’s core was because of the massacre committed against African-Americans, a Minneapolis police officer was caught undertaking a 46-year-old man, George Floyd.


Footage leaked, where it can be seen that the police officer has mercilessly placed his kneee on the head of the African-American as he lays on the floor under a police mobile. Since then, an end to the brutality and constant discrimination against Black People was needed.

The English-American comedian took notice and deemed the entire hierarchical system as being flawed, racist to be precise.

“Ours is a firmly entrenched system in which the roots of white supremacy run deep,” the host said on Sunday’s show.

Oliver being a stern advocate for Black Lives Matter, truly used his privilege and the influence he has to educate the masses on why the police needs to undergo major reforms.

The comedian hilariously took jabs at Donald Trump, widely criticizing the president for hus pathetic response to the protests. “hid[ing] from protesters in a bunker”

Oliver went on an ‘no holds barred’ mood and showed footage of the police’s atrocity which hasn’t been highlighted by local news channels. In fact Oliver even blamed those media outlets for their biased reports.

He started calling cops out and dissed them writers for portraying the police as “heroes”. Jokingly called “Cranky Gun Grandpa” (referencing Clint Eastwood films), “Cocaine Cops Who Fuck” (Miami Vice) and “Manic Bigot and His One Black Friend” (Lethal Weapon). “American loves nothing more than a renegade cop who doesn’t play by the rules. But the reality of policing is and always has been very different,” he said.

Pointing out evident flaws in the country’s law and showing how the police can get away with practically anything if given the chance, much like Hasan Minhaj said on Patriot Act.

The police have not just been incidentally tainted by racism,” he said. “For much of U.S. history, law enforcement meant enforcing laws that were explicitly designed to subjugate Black people,” Oliver said.

John provided a through intersectional analysis on how the slave trade in the 18th century was the root problem and has engraved racism on people’s mind. Blaming the the low socioeconomic conditions of Black people on the trade slave, claiming the foundation of American as the problem.

Producer of the Ellen Show, Andy Lassner gave shoutout to the episode and encouraged his following to view it:

Twitter: @andylassner

John Oliver’s rather “woke” stance on this social issue might inspire typical news casters to report in a ‘rightness’ manner.

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