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B.Simone once again causes an outrage on social media for yet another controversial statement. Recently the internet personality’s words on Nick Cannon’s “Nick Cannon Mornings” show went viral!

The interview took place virtually on Instagram due to the ongoing pandemic and when questioned on her relationship, the answer even shook Nick Cannon himself. “He can’t have a 9-5,” she says. “I mean he can be a hustling entrepreneur. He can’t be clocking out and clocking in.”

The 30-year old rapper, comedian and an overall internet influencer, told the world on how she looks down upon guys who do a conventional 9-5 job and that anything less than a striving entrepreneur or a CEO is not for her.




Instagram: @theshaderroom

Social Media didn’t take Simone’s arrogan attitude and straight-up rude and unacceptable comments lightly and trolled the rapper viciously.

This is true and it’s ironic for the self-proclaimed “Manifest Queen” to say that she won’t date anyone less than an entrepreneur when she herself became an internet sensation because of the reality shows she’s been on over the years because of Nick Cannon.

Due to the wide criticism she was received just minutes after her interview on Twitter mainly, Simone shared her side of the story on why she things in such a way of working men in a video message across all her platforms.

“it has nothing to do with the money it has EVERYTHING to do with the lifestyle. Entrepreneurs understand each other,” she posted.

Continuing her hypocrisy by saying, “I need you to understand why I’m up at 3 a.m. checking emails. Why I’m always on social media. Why I’m never off or clocked out. I need a man to understand and support that!”

Twitter: @TheBSimone

It’s hypocritical of her to say that because it took her a long time to get big break. Simone was once homeless before starring on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out.

This isn’t the first time B.Simone has been called out because of her hypocritical behavior. The brutal killing of George Floyd which led to the protests happening in America and all over the world in the name of Black Lives Matter – has pressurized every celebrity to help the movement in one way or another.

B.Simone on the other hand was notably silent on the matter. When she did speak, her words didn’t please many. Doing your part is more than social media!

“Doing you part is loving your neighbors, praying for the enemy, calling your blk friends N Checking on them, signing petitions, donating, meditating, looking in the mirror and becoming better. B4 i try to lead let me examine myself!”

Further blaming her Christian upbringing for not exhibiting violent behavior towards the oppressors.

All in all, B.Simone can he considerd an infamous figure now, who’s up to some controversy, every other day. While addressing herself, she ended up promoting her book as well.  “Baby Girl Manifest the Life You Want

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