COVID-19 has truly shocked the world to it’s core, forcing the entire world to go in quarantine. We’re living in unprecedented times, indeed. Keeping oneself sane is hard and being healthy in a household is harder!

It’s been months since we’ve adapted to this lifestyle, going out for bare essentials and unfortunately it isn’t changing anytime soon. Might as well learn a few dozen hacks on the way!

Countless ideas have been brought up by many on to stay socially sane while ironically being isolated in the best way possible. Experts have to say that:

“But there are things we can all do to help make these days better and to stay healthy, says Michigan Medicine dietitian Sue Ryskamp, who sees patients at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center. “Keeping yourself healthy includes heightened hygiene, exercise and eating right.”

So, without further ado – let’s dive ino it!


Following a Fixed Routine:

Following a set of rules has always been important for civilization itself but considering that we’re living in unusual times, it’s often difficult to keep track of time. If you’re a student with online classes or someone who’s following WFM protocols, then this advice is for you.

Ryskamp emphasizes on taking care of children especially.

The kitchen is a great place to get your day started with a routine,” says Ryskamp.

“If you have kids, get them engaged in planning meals together each day…”. It allows the brain to keep itself busy in other task, deviating stress.

It’s also important to keep a connection with the outside world through digital platforms, obviously. Ordering from a restaurant every now and then isn’t harmful, according to Dr.Ryskamp.

Adhering to a Healthy Diet

Without managing your eating habits during times of stress, you’re more likely to put on unwanted weight.” Claims Ryskamp. It’s good to go on a supposed “cheat” day every once in a while but being consistent on it is where the problem lies.

Especially due to the pandemic, inorder keep yourself safe from COVID-19, it’s vital to have a stable immune system through a proper diet.

Having dry fruits and those items with a high intake of fiber and iron is essential. Especially because of the coronavirus.

Taking in plenitude of vitamin A, C, and D is very important not only due to the virus but generally as well. According to the Dietitian,

“Some of the best choices are water, green tea with ginger or turmeric, clear soups and broths.”

Keeping a Sane Environment 

When you’re doing everything at one specifed place, it’s easy for task to overlap another – creating an entire sort of clutter, a mess. Designating specific areas for working and then for sleeping and so on can help one remain sane and productive.

Changing clothes as you transition from one task to another is therapeutic and gives your brain an illusion; indicating that it’s time to do a different task now. Clothes are basically “switches” in this scenario. Your brain judges your day through your clothes.

Keep Sanitizing Your Household

Sanitizing your workplace, the kitchen, your children’s rooms and in fact the entirety of the house if more than essential. Many might think that they’re immune from the virus on the basis that they’re home most of the time but despite that strict precautions are necessary.

Following recommendation is another way to avoid contaminants from entering your home in the first place. They’re considered by most health professionals to be “above and beyond” the requirements for staying safe from COVID, including the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

Sanitizing your groceries through a nozzled spray every other time and be sure to dump your clothes in the laundry every time you travel outside. Being hygienic and keeping your surroundings clear is the way.

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