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Kylie Jenner, the self proclaimed youngest billionaire and owner of one of the world’s biggest cosmetics brands has landed herself in controversy yet again.

The 22-year-old supermodel and businesswoman launched a collection of face masks customized to her own style. Revealing it to the public over the weekend, fans weren’t delighted at all.

The face masks aren’t a product one should capitalize through. We’re living in an ongoing pandemic effected world and it doesn’t seem like there’s going to a solution to this any time soon.

COVID-19 cases are increasing everyday proportionally and so is the need of protective gear, the Kardashian sister on the other hand is promoting ‘face masks’ on her signature Kylie Cosmetics page, on every social platform.

Instagram: @kyliecosmetics

As the protests for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement goes on, it seems as if celebrities are trying their best to not provoke any sort of racist behavior and are rather capitalizing on the tragic movement by using all sorts of cheap tactics, Jenner is no exception.

Using Black People as models in an attempt to appear as ‘politically aware’ and be known as a ‘woke’ brand seems to Kylie’s tactic with this campaign.


Instagram: @kyliecosmetics

As a part of Kylie’s Skin lineup which was recently founded in 2019, these particular masks have two different designs, a black one with the word ‘KYLIE’ written on it, and a pale pink one showcasing a design of red lips.

The caption gave away explicit details about the fabric used and the overall quality of it – washable and reusable and accompanied by a slot to add a filter for extra protection.

The former reality star was quick to not add the mask’s price in the caption, it might’ve caused an even bigger outrage. Rather her brand’s following of 24.3 million had to click on the link to find out and eventually purchase it.

You can buy these COVID-19 themed face masks on their website.

Apparently one mask costs 14$ and you can get the entire pack for 28$. A loose deal? Most likely. It’s a weird time we’re living in, where models are profiting off medical supplies.


The Kardashian family has always did something out of the ordinary and her sister, Kim Kardashian did the same, over a month ago.

The sisters don’t get along much often but both have massively profited off the pandemic. Kylie in particular was silent when she was being constantly called out on social media for not using her influence responsibly for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Though she had no problem using Black People to advertise her products.

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