In a musical tale, superstars of the decade and one of the most acclaimed musicians of all time, Alicia Keys and John Legend are going to battle it all out soon in a Verzuz battle on June, 19.

The date is better known as ‘Juneteenth’. This day is a memorable one in America’s history – commemorates end of slavery.

The Verzuz battle is an Instagram live based duel which originated as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Founded by pop legends, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, both legends in the pop circle, the Verzuz battle was bound to be a success.


So far, there have been numerous showdowns between: Nelly and Ludacris, Lil Jon and T-Pain, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, French Montana and Tory Lanez and many more.

The live session initially started off as a mere recreational ‘timepass’ for the pop legends because of the quarantine but due to it’s massive success, it has now taken many writers and now performers from the genre of hip-hop and R&B fans have been glued to their IG feeds now!

We’ve come a long way since families used to be glued to their television screens, how times have changed.

Rather than a usual contest on television, this Instagram live special doesn’t have judge behind it and hence no winner. It’s up to the fans who’ve tuned in, their comments are the judge of the show!

Let’s celebrate Juneteenth with a special edition,” an Instagram post from the official Verzuz account read. The battle will begin at 8pm EST (1am BST). On his Twitter account, Legend dubbed it a “battle of the pianos”.

We’re not expecting anything less than a marvelous performance from both contestants. Whoever wins, either way it’s going to be a mashup for the ages.

Fans are eager to witness their clash and took to Twitter, showing their enthusiasm.

It’s unusual for people of different genders to fight in a ‘vocal’ sense but it looks like Swizz Beats and Timbaland are here to break stereotypes.

Both personalities have been busy with their own work and have been in the news for their respective work.

While John Legends will be on the live session, on that very day, he’s planning to launch his album ‘Bigger Love’. A follow-up to 2016’s ‘Darkness And Light’.

Alicia Keys has been a staunch supporter of the ‘Black Lives Movement’ and has continuously called spoken for Ahmuad Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

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