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Local amateur street artists take it into their own hands to beautify the streets as every other person tirelessly protests in a hope for justice!

Mural art is a dignified part of Black subculture and has always been used as a sign to showcase rebellious nature.

To show solidarity with the victims who’ve had their lives turned upside down as a result of police brutality, these artists have vandalized public properties with slogans of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and even other than that, with the help of officials, have just brought more color the streets.

In New York, as local artists constantly kept pleaded with officers to peacefully let them paint over Fulton Street in fronton Restoration Plaza in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

Eventually, elected officials, residents and the artists – all collaborated to help paint a giant mural on the street. Some of those joining the painting effort were state Attorney General Letitia James, Reverend Al Sharpton, and filmmaker Spike Lee. Sharpton said he would ask the City Council to name the block “Black Lives Matter Way.”

Photo by Todd Maisel

It took over 24 hours to create such a magnificent piece on a street and the Councilman Robert Cornegy further announced he would seek to stop traffic on that portion of Fulton Street and create a pedestrian plaza.

The officials in New York were supportive of recreating busy streets to support a crucial movement but that unfortunately isn’t the case in many states.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the local authorities weren’t too keen of the idea and the artists who worked hard to ignite the streets with countless letters were left disappointed.

Source: WBTV

It’s not clear whether white supremacists or the actual authorities were behind the vandilized street but either way, the damge was surreal.

The 16 artists responsible didn’t let the message go astray and immediately, since rach artist was responsible for a different letter, each one individually presented a different vision for their portion of the project.

Other than these cities, other ones haven’t shied away from showcasing solidarity with the brutal killing of George Floyd and seems as if they’re not going to stop any time soon, until justice prevails.


Major cities to redecorate their streets with letters from ‘Black Lives Matter’ in a creative way inches the likes of San Francisco, Oakland, Denver, Seattle and so on.


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