Legendary Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington has truly achieved it all in his line of field and is an inspiration for generations to come but do his sons look at him in the same way?

The former Malcolm X actor has two sons, Malcolm and John David Washington. The one who can’t stay out of his father’s shadow is the latter. Although, John David has always been enthusiastic himself and has shown interest towards a career totally different than his father’s, reality keeps striking back at him.

John David currently has a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nomination at his disposal for his role in “BlackKkKlansman” as Ron Stallworth.

John David and Denzel Washington at the Golden Globes

The actor’s proved himself as a prodigy because of the nomination and is considered a pioneer now, a reflection of his father’s legacy. This unfortunately wasn’t always the case, the oscar nominee had to go through many setbacks throughout his life before getting his “big break”.

John has always shown passion towards acting, inspired by his father, Denzel’s acting career had a strong influence on John David’s childhood. John David once mentioned how he used to help his father rehearse his roles, playing as a side character along with him.

Was he intimated by his father’s success? Perhaps so because before diving into Hollywood’s circuit, John Legend had a brief career as a football player in the NFL.

Progressing his way into becoming an athlete, he didn’t stop at his local college football team but went all the way, working hard, much like his father. Until he eventually got in as the running back for the United Football League’s Sacramento Mountain Lions.


The actor’s football couldn’t last for more than 4 years though. All it took was a severe injury to end a potentially wonderous career. The career ending injury occured when John was practicing  with the NY Giants. At the time it seemed as if it’s the end of John’s career but it was a pathway for his Hollywood life, that he had to eventually embark on.

“A part of me felt like it [my football career] got shot and killed, it got assassinated. All of that was fear based, of not knowing if what I thought was my destiny, if I’m even worthy enough to claim it. It was time to go up onstage.”

Nonetheless, he has made his father proud and himself as well. After a tragic career in sports, John David is one of the biggest emerging actors in Hollywood today.

BlacKkKlansman” star John David Washington, right, and his father, two time Oscar winner Denzel Washington: Getty Images

The Golden Globe nominee currently awaits the release of his latest film ‘Tenet” on July, 15, 2020, If the pandemic doesn’t get in the way of the movie’s release.

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