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Pop sensation Madonna has turned 60 on August 16 and as she continues to look stunning and glorious even at this age, we take a lot at some of the bold style statements she made over the years.

The term pop star brings the image of an ultra-glam, vivaciously dressed, larger than life persona of Madonna. The singing sensation has set multitude of trends over the years including the cool kids, ‘boy toy’, ‘bad girl’ and street wear. Shaping fashion trends for over four decades now, she has added a coquettish touch to her sartorial choices. From her cone bra to mesh top and chunky accessories, she has always had a penchant for peculiar fashion fads. Here’s how she stirred a storm in the world of fashion and shaped new trends in the past.

Cone Bra
More than 28 years ago on June 25, 1990, Madonna stepped out in a pink cone bra, a shockingly fascinating creation for that era. The pop star wore the ensemble designed by her frequent fashion collaborator Jean-Paul Gaultier, during her ‘‘Blonde Ambition” tour.

Stacked Neon Bangles
The multiple bright and bold bangles that crept into any fashion-savvy millennial’s closet were brought to the fore by none other than Madonna. Add that to her ’80s club kid thrift shop attire and the iconic headband that became a hot trend for many years, the singer made sure fashion fanatics with a slightly racy taste would follow all her style moves.

Lace, Pearls and Boy Toy
Oozing sultry vibes in lace and ropes of pearls, Madonna made the fluffy slip, lace gloves, worn with pearls fashionable. And her infamous ‘Boy Toy’ belt was obviously the star of the curation.

Blonde-Bombshell Cut
The pop star trimmed her tresses and complemented them with edgy stacked bracelets, giving a grunge vibe to her street style.

Breast-Baring Sheer Dress
At the Met Gala in 2016, the singing sensation left onlookers gaping in a breast-baring sheer Givenchy ensemble. To top it off, she adorned her head with a beautiful diamond band that hung snugly amid her golden tresses.

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