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Ed Westwick, acclaimed English actor is in the buzz again as he leaves many of his dearest Gossip Girls fans puzzled! The 32-year-old actor adored by devoted fans and since he played Chuck Bass for over 5 seasons of the hit teen drama, Westwick has been immensely loved as a part of the fandom.

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Most recently, the British star teased his fans through a mysterious post on his social media. Posting a photo of the phrase “XOXO” and claimed news relating to the popular CW series wold arrive at 1pm BST on Monday (15 June).

It’s been almost 8 years since the show ended but fans are still anticipating an announcement to pop out of nowhere! It’s not shocking though, a year ago, it was revealed that a Gossip Girl reboot shall he aired on HBO’S steaming service.

According to the producers, the reboot will be set 8 years after the original show and will have a whole new cast with their own Gen-Z societal  problems. They did hint that the original cast might make a cameo appearance every now and then, fans were delighted to hear the news and have been looking out for more announcements since.

Ed’s post ignited fans to high expectations but unfortunately when the countdown was over, they were left disappointed and outraged!

It was soon revealed that Ed was just promoting his collection of COVID-19 face masks using the show’s signature ‘XOXO’ remark.


The enrage was expected and fans on Twitter haven’t been silent and rather disappointed that the actor who played their beloved Chuck Bass is profiting through the pandemic.


Much like his character’s cleverness, Ed played his fandom’s emotions and left them utterly disappointed. Will fans forgive Ed for using Gossip Girls just to sell face mask? Either way, someone got clowned.

With the constant trolling on Twitter, it was only a matter of time till Westwick would address his side. The actor posted an Instagram story where he wrote on how fans have taken his campaign in the wrong context and should rather help him as he’s doing a noble cause.

Instagram: @edwestwick

‘I think we could all agree the world could use some hugs and kisses right now.

EdHelp me raise money for @kickitout to combat racism & discrimination for everyone who plays, watches or works in football by shopping my collection with @represent. Let’s all work together to make a difference!’

The reboot of the CW show ‘Gossip Girls’ is set to be aired on HBO’s streaming service next year in 2021!

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