Tupac, one of the most acclaimed rappers of the 90s would’ve been celebrating his 49th birthday today if he hadn’t gotten assassinated on 13, September, 1996.

Mostly known for his signature stage name ‘2Pac’, the hip-hop icon unfortunately became a victim to a fatal gundown in Las Vegas. Tupac was known for the different lyrics he wrote during those times, often calling out prevailing social issues and rigidly calling out white supremacy,

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The actor turned rapper would’ve been in the news a lot considering today’s ongoing protests in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

With the number of hip-hop artists who’ve emerged in the last decade alone, 2Pac could’ve easily been forgotten but his popularity only increases every year – a classical legend in the rap genre, is what he is.

Spotify supports the claim as his songs have generated more than 5 million monthly listeners and Tupac’s chronology is one of the top rated on the app.  His legacy continues, Tupac currently has over 5 million followers on Instagram, all his accounts are managed by the Shakur estate itself.

As we remember the legend on his birthday, Shakur is currently trending on Twitter, as millions of fans remember the rap icon.

Before becoming a 90s sensation, 2Pac tried his luck in movies at first and starred in the film Juice, which pulled in over $20 million in the box office.

Juice: Theatrical Poster

He then starred alongside Janet Jackson in 1993 in the romantic drama Poetic Justice, which grossed over $27 million. The movie recieved mixed reviews and Shakur wasn’t proud of it either but is considered a classic nonetheless.

2Pac’s career was just beginning. A few months before his murder, he released his ‘final’ album: All Eyez On Me. Perhaps his most well known album and it is licensed to this day. According to Forbes, his recreational wealth is still being circulated in his family since they reserve the right to all of 2Pac’s work.

All in all, Tupac’s career has had many turns, from being involved in an alleged sexual assault case to being robbed and shot at multiple times. His involvement with the notorious Black Panther party led him in trouble countless times and were even an inspiration for many of his hit singles.

Tupac was a firm advocate for Black Lives, going to protests and using his voice for the oppressed is what his fans remembered him for.

Tupac Shakur at a “Free Geronimo Pratt” rally.

In today’s world, if Tupac were alive, he would’ve been considered a ‘woke’ activist for sure. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t live to see the wonders he had hoped to accomplish but nonetheless, 2Pac’s legacy lives on.

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