Actor Cole Sprouse along with his co-stars, have been accused of sexually assaulting a girl apparently named “Victoria”

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The girl came forward with her tragic tale through an anonymous account on Twitteradding that the “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” not only took advantage of her, manipulated her but told her to keep quite and never speak about the incident ever again.


According to this user, she was abused at NYU, a prestigious university where the 27-year-old pursued his undergrad degree, pursuing the humanities and in particular archaeology. In 2013, Sprouse transgressed his limits with the said “Victoria” allegedly.


Over the past week alone, numerous celebrities have faced severe allegations and have gotten cancelled all over social media. Legal actions against those who confessed hasn’t happened yet but nonetheless, the reputation of these celebrities is in severe jeopardy. Chris D’Elia, Justin Bieber, and Ansel Elgort are few of many accused or sexual assault and what not.

The “Riverdale” actor was quick to deactivate his Twitter account and vanished from the public altogether. Perhaps the actor assumed that trolls will attack him but that happen anyway, hours later on Sunday, Cole reactivated and addressed the situation.

Twitter: @colesprouse

Sprouse spoke on behalf of Kj Apa, Vanessa Morgan and the rest of his co-stars, his on-and-off girlfriend Lili Reinhart cleared the situation from her side as well, we’ll get to that in a bit. Sprouse said the usual and denied the accusations, adding that such fake claims invalidate “actual” sexual assault survivors.

Twitter: @colesprouse

Not letting go of his “woke” side, Cole continuously encouraged actual victims of abuse to not remain silent. Ending the thread by saying that investigations shall be underway and everyone should remain silent until factual proofs come to light.

Many fans dismissed Victoria’s story and shared their theories on how nothing matches up. Making it clear that Victoria’s claims are a hoax.

Twitter: @romeosarah1

Riverdale’s fanbase is surprisingly not as toxic as others and their fans have continuously showed support for the actors but at the same time have said that they will support the victims if the comfession turns out to be true after all.

Another user speculated that the series of accusations on the actors all come from the same IP address, completely changing the dynamics of the situation. A Sprouse and Camila Cabello fan account showed how all the women who’ve come forward have similar and typical names, followed by random numbers on their account’s username.


Twitter: @sprousecabello

Now, as far as Lily Reinhart, known for playing Betty Cooper on Riverdale is concerned, her retweet shared the same feelings as Sprouse, the 23-year-old shared how she was devasted hearing the news and condemned the overall situation, letting everyone know that she still stands in solidarity with every “actual” sexault asssault victim there is.

Twitter: @lilireinhart

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