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Kylie Jenner once again surrounds herself with controversy. After receiving immense backlash on social media for profiting off the pandemic by selling a line of customized face-masks, the 22-year-old is now being accused of depriving her workers.

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Kylie isn’t alone in this accusation. She along with P Diddy and her sister Kendall Jenner, are being dragged all over social media on the basis that their parent company, “Global Brand Group” has left labourers starving in third-world countries; Bangladesh.

The ongoing pandemic has made companies make a lot of unsolicited decisions and with the recession, thousands of employees have been fired. According to the company, sales after Feburary and March took a drastic turn and the company had to make immediate decisions.

“Given the unpredictability of the situation, our retail partners have cancelled orders, and existing inventory and product in production may have no sell-through. Consequently, we have no choice but to make the difficult decision to cancel all S/S 2020 orders from all suppliers (without liability),” wrote Rick Darling, CEO of Global Brands Group in a letter dated March 21, 2020

The CEO dropped a typical message from his side and used COVID-19 as a tackling mechanism, an excuse. People’s livelihood is being severely affected here, it’s unethical and against their fundamental right to not get their paycheck.

On the company’s website, they’ve admitted that they’re going through a financial crisis and that they’re clearly aware of the repercussions caused by them. Despite that Global Brand Group hasn’t done anything to help their employees.

The self-proclaimed billionaire is seemingly too busy with vacationing with her family rather than being quarantined and hasn’t spoken a word on the issue.


Other than Bangladesh, Black labourers and other blue-collar workers in countries such as Sri Lanka aren’t being treated fair as well. One worker said that, “at the factory gate, they told us to go away, that it was closed because of the virus. When they told us to [go back home], I only had six dollars left on me.”

Source: World Vision Canada

Kylie Jenner’s hypocritical behavior is intolerable here. The model claims that a certain profit from her products shall go to Feeding America‘ but apparently those who’re manufacturing those very products are starving right now.

Kylie barely made any effort to show solidarity with the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement, her performative activism is causing people to die of poverty. A particular NGO ‘Remake‘ is constantly trying to lobby against Kylie’s parent company.

A #PayUp campaign is underway, demanding that workers in the textile industry employed under multi-billion dollar companies get treated righteously. You can sign a petition to help make a change!

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