Bananas are one of the most popular fruits around the world. They earn their popularity through their great taste, numerous health benefits, and immense diversity; you can include them in almost any recipe! Although they’re low in calories and are considered as a top-choice healthy food, there does come a point where excessive consumption can lead to problems. Here are the consequences of eating too many bananas:

Tooth Decay

This one is a given for excessive consumption for anything containing sugar. A single banana contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, when one consumes a lot of bananas your teeth are subject to the usual harm when it comes to sugary foods i.e. decay. Bananas do contain Acid, too much of which will eat away your enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth, the one that provides the most protection from foreign bodies. Therefore, damage to the enamel is damage to dental health.

Little to none fat and protein

On one hand, you might consider this an upside to bananas that they’re fat-free. However, bananas also have fiber, which is responsible for keeping you full for longer. So, if you eat a lot of bananas, then you’ll likely end up filling yourself. Therefore, you won’t be able to get much-needed protein and fat into your diet. Since bananas themselves have little to no protein or fat for that matter, you’re at a disadvantage if you eat too many. You should avoid consuming bananas after a workout otherwise you won’t be able to consume protein which your body sorely needs.



Although bananas are a great source of Potassium, an excess can be equally dangerous. Too much potassium in the body can lead to Hyperkalemia which is responsible for nausea and an irregular heartbeat. If the condition worsens, it can also lead to cardiac arrest. Moreover, hyperkalemia gets treated through kidney dialysis or with diuretics. Therefore, it’s a pretty serious condition that can arise just by eating too many bananas.

Nerve Damage

This may come as surprising, but an excess of bananas can lead to nerve damage. Despite being a good source for many nutrients, the same nutrients can have severely negative effects if taken in excess. Such is the case with Vitamin B6 which is great for the body in the correct dosage, lethal otherwise.

Too much vitamin B6 can cause damage in the nervous system, which leads to all sorts of brain-related issues such as Alzheimer’s, memory loss, loss of concentration etc. However, before you say goodbye to bananas forever, this is an extreme case. Only a significant excess of bananas per day can cause nerve damage. That’s because vitamin B6, although found in bananas, is not in high quantity. You’d need to eat a lot of bananas to overdose on B6. However, a bit of caution does help.

Sleepiness and headaches

Bananas contain certain Amino Acids which cause blood vessels to dilate. When this happens, you tend to experience headaches. An excess number of bananas can lead to too many of these amino acids in your bloodstream, which results in the aforementioned dilation and thus, a headache. This is especially true for overripe bananas, something you should definitely stay away from.

Bananas also contain tryptophan, an amino acid known for its property to make people feel sleepy. When bananas are eaten in excess, their large carbohydrate content prevents other amino acids from entering the brain. Thus, a lot of tryptophan is built up which then triggers the production of serotonin, which is also something that makes you feel sleepy. Bananas also contain a good chunk of magnesium which is known to relax muscles. Therefore, an excess of bananas can not only result in a headache but can result in drowsiness too making you much less productive than you would otherwise be.


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