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November is quite an interesting month. Every year some new trend pops up in November which is why the trend names often end with the word “November”. Some very famous have trends have come up in the past few years in November, some of which have become almost tradition amongst many.

For example, “No Shave November” has been around for a lot of years now. Every year, men from all over the world partake in the “No Shave November” challenge and as the name suggests, they let their hair grow wild. It’s an internet trend that’s gone viral. Even different companies or restaurants jump on the bandwagon too as some offer discounts to people with the longest or most “impressive” beard after no shave November.

Some people hold competitions because the nature of the trend is competitive. The whole goal is to go the entire month of November without shaving, so it becomes a competition among some people to see how long can one last. The whole deal behind November trends is to give up some sort of pleasure for 30 days. This year, a new trend has gone viral. Instead of “No Shave November”, people are now celebrating “No Nut November”. The trend has gone absolutely viral, everybody’s in on it, it has truly become a global phenomenon.

Image: Meme generator

Image: Meme generator

What is No Nut November?

Just like No Shave November, it’s again one of those trends where you let go of a certain habit for 30 days. In this case, the challenge is to go the entire month of November without masturbating. Why is it called No Nut November then? The whole point is to NOT “bust a nut”. Busting a nut refers to the orgasm one gets after masturbation or sex.

The challenge does come with a bit of confusion. While others are strictly refraining from any sort of sexual activity, whether it be with their hand or with a partner, others have come up with another set of rules. One set of rules says that it’s not that bad, you’re allowed 3 strikes. You can masturbate three times, only 3, not more in November and that regular sex with a partner is fine.

However, the more devout followers of No Nut November say that you’re not supposed to have sex or masturbate AT ALL during the entire month. That’s quite an extreme case for some as many people can’t function properly without “tossing one off” every other day. Whatever the case is, men and women from all around the world have gotten behind the newest trend in the town: No Nut November.

The trend itself has been the subject of a lot of memes and fun lately. Many people claim to have gotten new “powers” thanks to abstaining from masturbation all these days. Of course, this is all fun and games and challenges like these, whether it’s no shave November or no nut November are all about fun.

Although No Nut November is a more non-serious, fun little trend. There’s a more serious version known as “New Life November” which is sponsored by NoFap.com. The new life November movement is all about helping people recover from porn addiction. Whether you believe it or not, this is a real addiction that has severe consequences such as erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, the new life November movement is all about helping people recover from something that’s ruining their lives. As far as No Nut November is concerned, it’s a fun little movement that people even praise for helping them reach their goals.

A lot of people have said that the trend motivates them to reach their goals as it teaches them discipline and control. Whether it’s just a fun little challenge or something more, No Nut November has truly taken the world by storm. Are you taking part in the challenge?


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