The Forearms are an important part of your arms, yet they’re easily overlooked. When it comes to building muscle and the training around it, there are some muscle groups which are left out. These muscle groups either don’t have much to offer from an aesthetic point of view or people simply aren’t training them right. The forearm may fall into one of these two categories, depending on you.

Why is the forearm important?

Usually, when people train their arms particularly the bicep, they throw in one or two forearm exercises and think that’s it. Like any other muscle group, the forearm also requires proper exercises, reps, and volume in order to grow. Therefore, throwing in a hammer curl or two in your bicep training won’t do wonders for your forearm.

Image: LadsLife

Image: LadsLife

It’s strange yet true that a lot of people ignore their forearms. If you don’t, but you don’t see much improvement, that’s also because you don’t give it as much importance as you do other muscle groups. The forearm is quite important actually. Your grip strength is directly related to how well built your forearm is. Sometimes when you do a bicep curl, you might feel a bit of pain in the area above the elbow, the upper side of the joint basically. That’s due to low grip and forearm strength.

Sometimes, it’s the lack of grip strength that prevents us from adding more load to our other exercises. For example, you might be able to lift a much heavier load for a deadlift. However, you might not be able to hold the bar long enough for a proper set with that much load. Therefore, you end up sticking to a lower load and this happens for other exercises too. If you work on your forearms, you’ll see a tremendous difference in your other exercises too.

The workout

Although the forearm is really important, it’s not that hard to train. All you need is 6 minutes to light up your forearms and have an effective workout. Given its 6 minutes, don’t expect any rest and expect it to be brutal. It’s simple, it only requires a regular bar and a pull-up bar. Give it your best shot!

Source: MensHealth

Source: MensHealth

  1. For the first minute, you’re going to grab an empty bar with no weights, stand with it, and try to roll it to the front with your wrists. Keep this up for a minute and don’t let the bar stop from rolling. For reference, check the GIF above.
  2. As soon as the first minute ends, you go to the pull-up bar and just hang from the top for one minute. If you can’t hang for one full minute, come back down, rest for 10 seconds and go up till the minute is complete.
  3. Once you’re done with the second minute, go back to the exercise described in step 1. Do this again for a minute.
  4. Next, you need to grab a pair of dumbbells, the heaviest you can. Note that this is not a pair of heavy dumbbells you can necessarily lift with, but carry at least. You need to properly hold them and walk around with them for 1 minute. This is also known as the farmers walk.
  5. As soon as the 4th minute is over, now you go back to the bar and roll it to the front for 30 seconds, and then towards the back for 30 seconds.
  6. For the last minute, go to the pull-up bar and just hang from there again.

Once you finish the 6 minutes, you’ll feel a massive difference in your forearms. You’ll likely feel a great pump which will make your forearms look big and thick. Do this short 6-minute workout after your arm or bicep workouts. It’s only 6 minutes, not a long time but it sure does get the job done.


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