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WWE Legend and Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has parted ways with Alcohol in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps the most popular superstar of all time, someone who’s been a big part of our childhoods, we’ve all seen him down a couple of cans of beer for the fun of it. He’d drink an entire can for each corner of the ring. Alongside his rebellious attitude, beer and alcohol became a large part of his character which spilled over to real life.

However, as Steve approaches his mid-fifties, he’s finally put a stop to his drinking habits in favor of a better life. It was revealed in an episode of Steve’s own podcast “The Steve Austin Show” that stone cold’s giving up beer as part of his new diet and exercise regimen. From the sounds of it, he’s committed and doesn’t plan on looking back. Here are a few snippets from his podcast:

“My eating program is going fantastic,”. “[I’m] sticking to my exact macros. [I’ve had] zero alcohol for right at 14 days now.”
“No alcohol, and when you hit the weights on a consistent basis and eat what you’re supposed to, it is amazing the difference that you can make or I’m making,”.

Image: Triplem

Image: Triplem

What happens when you stop drinking alcohol?

Weight Loss

Austin’s not wrong, quitting Alcohol can bring a lot of changes in your life. Amongst the many changes you notice, the biggest difference is perhaps the weight loss you experience. Alcohol has a lot of calories than you’d think and a few glasses or cans a day can take you much higher than what your daily requirement is. People often have what is known as a “beer belly”, a layer of fat around the stomach that results from the consumption of Alcohol.

According to a study, men consume an average of 433 extra calories a day by drinking what they think is a “moderate” amount of Alcohol. Cutting off from Alcohol will significantly reduce the number of excess calories you consume. Moreover, Alcohol is one of the biggest contributors to overeating.

This is because Alcohol is responsible for heightening our senses. Therefore, when we drink Alcohol, we’re bound to eat 30 percent or more food than we would normally. Even being mildly intoxicated can have a huge impact in the areas of your brain that trigger food cravings. Thus, when you get rid of Alcohol and start adopting a healthier lifestyle, you’re bound to eat less and therefore, lose weight.

Better Sleep

There’s tons of evidence out there to prove that consuming Alcohol before going to bed disrupts sleep. In fact, this study finds that drinking Alcohol before bed increases alpha wave patterns in the brain. Similar wave patterns are found during times when you’re awake, so this disrupts your sleep.

You might also argue that Alcohol does help you fall asleep much faster than normal. However, after that initial rest period, deep sleep is affected and the overall quality of your sleep suffers as a result. Therefore, despite falling asleep faster, you won’t feel as refreshed or sharp as you would with more deep sleep. Better sleep quality in general results in a better mood, concentration, and mental performance, all of which occurs when you stop consuming Alcohol.


If there’s anything to take away from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s decision, it’s that your health always comes first. Only you are responsible for looking after yourself, and nobody else. At the age of 53, Steve is looking better than ever. He’s also looking into yoga to improve his overall lifestyle and fitness. He’s doing a yoga routine with fellow WWE Hall of Famer DDP at DDP Yoga, claiming to be “as flexible as a cheerleader”.

Whatever the case is, Austin’s decision is surely an inspiring one from which many people can learn a lesson or two about taking care of themselves.

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