The Ketogenic diet is highly popular at the moment. Everyone’s adopting the new way to lose weight and stay fit. Many trainers and celebrities have come out and have endorsed the diet. However, it seems like a new diet has joined the fray which is also gaining popularity. Enter: the Dubrow diet.

The keto diet is highly popular these days, yes, however, it’s also one of those diets that aren’t practical for many people. The reason why many celebrities are able to adopt the diet is that they can. They have dedicated trainers, chefs, and nutritionists who plan out each and every single thing for them. For many people, staying away from carbs and relying on fats is not practical because they either can’t cook meals for themselves daily or because of the fact there aren’t many keto-friendly restaurants.

The Dubrow diet

If Keto isn’t an option for you, then try the Dubrow diet. The diet gets its name from its creators. It was invented by married Bravo stars Heather Dubrow (of The Real Housewives of Orange County) and Terry Dubrow, M.D. (of Botched). The main purpose of the diet is to help you lose weight and increase energy, like keto.

If the aims of Keto and the Dubrow diet are the same, then what makes the latter so different? The biggest difference is that the Dubrow diet doesn’t introduce any radical change to your diet. That means you can follow a traditional healthy eating plan with healthy carbs, fats, and a high amount of protein. What’s the catch? Surely there must be something special about the diet that it’s also gaining attention.

The Dubrow diet is different from others because it focuses on interval eating. You fast for different periods of time and according to the married couple, this is a more sustainable method of losing weight than changing your diet altogether like you would in Keto. They explained in their book on the diet why interval eating is even superior to fasting or other methods. They simply argue that interval eating is more appealing than a diet that involves long fasting periods or a high number of fats.

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How does it work?

The diet is inspired by the concept of Intermittent Fasting. Although it’s inspired, it’s not exactly intermittent fasting. In an intermittent fasting diet, you fast for 16 hours and are allowed to get your required macros in during the 8 remaining hours. It’s a popular method used by many to lose weight and stay fit. However, the Dubrow diet is different.

Instead of having a long 16-hour fasting period and an 8-hour eating period, the diet divides eating into different eating phases. For each eating phase, there’s a different amount of time one must fast for. Phase one, according to the Dubrows is supposed to shock your body into resetting its feeling of hunger. This is done by fasting for 16 hours a day for five days. There’s another constraint- you’re not allowed any alcohol during this period.

After phase one comes phase 2, which involves fasting periods that leads to weight loss. There is a bit of flexibility in phase two as you can choose a version that suits you. Each version will bring different results. You can fast 12 hours a day for slow weight loss, 14 hours for medium or 16 hours for fast weight loss. For 12 hours, you’re allowed one cheat snack a week, for 14 it’s one cheat meal, and for 16, it’s one cheat day a week.


The Dubrow diet, although very similar to the intermittent fasting routine, seems much more feasible than both IF and the ketogenic diet. The diet encourages you to eat healthily, eat lots of green vegetables, something you’re not able to do with Keto. It definitely has its positives, with the biggest one being that you can sustain it in the long run. Do give this a try if keto isn’t the right diet for you.



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