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Music is an essential part of a workout for many people. In fact, some people just don’t even work out if they forget their earphones at home. For some, it’s intense music that lets them perform that final rep and it’s without a doubt that music can make a huge difference in the quality of a workout. However, selecting the right earphones for working out can get tricky.

What makes good earphones?

When looking for good earphones in general, one mainly goes for the sound quality. Although sound quality is still important when working out, there are a lot of other things that one needs to look at before selecting earphones.

What makes a good pair of earphones for working out? For starters, they should be wireless. We can debate for ages about wired vs wireless but now wireless technology has come so far that the average consumer can’t tell which is better. Wireless earphones are more portable and easier to carry around, they don’t come in the way either when working out.

The earphones should be sweat proof (obviously). The earphones should be comfortable as well and more importantly, they should not fall out. You’ll be moving your body a lot and will be laying down and standing in a lot of different positions or even running.

Therefore, it’s really important that your earphones stay inside your ears at all costs, so that’s one big factor that makes good earphones great. With that said, here are the best sports earphones you can get right now:

Jaybird X3 Wireless

As mentioned above, a good fit is really hard to find amongst earphones. You may find a good fit but once you start moving around with it or you start running, then you will likely find yourself readjusting every now and then. The Jaybird X3 wireless earphones get rid of the problem of finding the right fit as they’re perhaps the best earphones out there in that regard.

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

The Jaybird X3 earphones pick up where their predecessor, the X2 left off. The X2 earbuds were quite the hit as they were compact, had a good fit, and provided decent sound. The X3 earbuds build on this solid foundation as they improve on every aspect. They’re smaller than before, giving more portability to your earphones. They also retain their sweat-proof design. You’re also given greater control over your audio through a new companion app.

Moreover, fitting is not an issue as the earphones come with 6 different pairs of earbuds in different sizes. The X3s also come with an upgraded version of Bluetooth in BT 4.1 which results in a great 8-hour battery life. Overall, it’s one of those earphones with which you can’t go wrong. They have more or less everything you’d need and they’re priced at just under $100. You can buy them from Amazon from here.

Jabra Elite Sport

Are you looking for a true wireless experience? When we talk about wireless earphones, that usually means that you don’t need to connect your earphones via the headphone jack. How about a pair of earbuds that are truly wireless? The ones that have no wire at all, like the Apple Air Pods. The Jabra Elite Sports earbuds are just that.

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

If your surroundings change during a run, the earbuds can identify changes with just a press of a button. They also come fitted with microphones which means you can take calls with them as well. You also get a whopping 13.5-hour battery life with the on-the-go charging case which is more than enough for the average case.

If you plan on swimming with a few tunes to keep you company, these earphones allow you to do that as well. The Jabra Elite are IP-67 rated so you can take them swimming or splash water on them without fear. There’s also a companion app that integrates with these earbuds that use the technology available within the earbuds to enhance your workouts. There’sĀ also an inbuilt heart rate monitor and an accelerometer that can tell how many reps you’ve completed for exercises like the squat.

Overall, the earbuds provide excellent sound quality, they also provide a number of great workout-enhancing features and they are truly wireless. Although they’re a bit on the expensive side, the things it has to offer more than makes up for the price. You can buy them from here.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Sports

If you’re on a tight budget but you want decent wireless earphones for working out, then the Anker Soundcore earbuds are just the ones for you. Although they won’t produce the best sound in the world as they fall under the budget category, they don’t make any compromises in any other department.

The Soundcore earphones have great build quality, a sweat-proof design, a secure and comfortable fit, and a decent battery life. As mentioned above, the sound quality is important for but when it comes to sports earphones, it’s not as important as the qualities described above. Therefore, the Soundcore Anker earphones are more than capable of getting the job done.

The great thing about these earphones is that even though they’re sweat-proof, you can even partially submerge them in water. The USB socket is also water resistant so you don’t need to worry about damaging it. If you sweat a lot during workouts, rest assured that nothing will happen to your earbuds. With everything good alongside passable sound quality, the Anker Soundcore earbuds are truly a steal at just under $40. You can get them from here.

Under Armour JBL Sport Wireless Headphones

Under Armour is a highly popular brand in the fitness industry. Known for its wide range of fitness apparel, UA steps into new territory by introducing the new sports wireless headphones. Although Under Armour’s reputation alone is enough but the partnership with JBL makes the case even more compelling.

The audio tech is entrusted to JBL which is great, JBL is known for making quality audio products. The earphones are designed to help you while you work out which is why they have an inbuilt heart rate sensor. You can also receive voice updates on your progress through the press of a single button. The earphones also feature JBL’s impressive PureBass performance tech which makes sure the sound quality is on par with the best of the best.

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

As far as the fit is concerned, the earphones provide a really nice fit. Under Armour makes no compromise when it comes to the main qualities of good sports earphones since the brand itself is all about fitness.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the earphones fit really well. This is also thanks to JBL’s TwistLock technology which guarantees you a custom fit according to your ear size. With these earphones, you’ll never need to worry about readjusting midway through your workout.

The only area where the earphones don’t excel is perhaps the battery life. When compared to other earphones in this list, the battery life certainly isn’t the best and given its high price, you’d expect more.

However, it’s enough to get you through your workout which is what matters in the end. If charging a bit more frequently is not a problem with you, then you have a really solid option that nails almost everything it needs to. You can buy them from here.

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