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The November chills are here, which definitely means your wardrobe should be on point. This calls for gearing up on some winter essentials that should be a part of your closet. You cannot afford to get sick and miss on all the other beautiful things a cold weather brings.

With the changing fashion trends and styles, new outfits and attires make it to the market each year. Rather than hassling with these changes, there are a few winter styles that never go out of fashion. You can stay in your comfort zone yet make a fashion statement with these winter essentials.

So, for your ease, we have gathered up 9 winter must haves for every woman out there. These things should definitely be a part of your winter wardrobe, as they easily go with any outfit.

  • A snug wrap: A snug wrap goes a long way. You can drape it at home or outside. Even in semi-formal attires, you can wear a belt around the wrap and create a complete new winter look. 

    Over the years, the cuts and designs of wraps have given rise to new fashion statements including shawls, cape shawls, shrugs, ponchos, stoles, scarves, etc. The traditional wrap has evolved into many different styles. So you can go for either the traditional drape style or choose something chic and modern. It all depends on how you carry it and what you’re comfortable with. Check it out on Amazon here.

  • Jacket (monochromatic): Monochromatic jackets like white, brown or black go with any outfit. Also, jackets are the kind of winter stuff that go in office environments and workplaces, as well as with your casual hangouts and gatherings. So investing in a winter jacket, whether it be denim, leather or any other material, is a good idea. You can carry it with all your looks, whether you’re going for formal or informal occasions. Check it out on Amazon.

  • A woolen cap: This winter essential comes in all kinds of fashion statements. It’s all about keeping yourself warm by retaining your body heat. Caps, hats and head coverings are essential for winters to keep your head warm and not let the heat escape. Otherwise, you can easily catch a cold. From varying styles for beanies to bohemian headbands, trapper hats, skull caps, and knitwear, there’s a lot of stuff that you can lay your hands on to keep yourself warm and comfortable, as well as chic and stylish. Buy it from Amazon.

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  • Boots: Invest in some good quality winter boots. Not only do they look classy, but are also super handy in snow and rain. Also, buying waterproof winter boots would be a good idea since you don’t want ruin a new pair and get your money wasted this season. Buy it from Amazon.

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  • Muffler: Something warm and cozy wrapped around your neck, while letting you nuzzle your nose easily, is a must have. Mufflers come in various sizes, shapes and designs. Also, there are mufflers of various lengths available. So if you are someone who doesn’t like a lot of wrapping, you can get a short length muffler too! 

    You can get them as you like and give your outfit a different look by your choice of muffler. Just invest in something warm enough for this cold season and add a bit of zing to your winter look by choosing something unique. Check out this muffler on Amazon.

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  • Trench coat: Trench coats are super trendy and a great option for various winter looks. You can button them up with a warm muffler, nice and cozy, or carry them Kimono style. If you don’t want to layer too much or just want to add subtlety to your winter look, throw in a good winter trench coat while keeping the other stuff minimally modest.

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  • Winter tights/leggings: One overlooked but perhaps the most important and essential item for this season is winter tights or leggings. They usually go with any outfit, so you can carry multiple outfits with them. Getting the right comfy material for yourself yet looking super cool is the way to go. 

    You can go for monochromatic winter tights or leggings that go with multiple outfits or simply get some funky pairs to jazz up your whole look for a little bit of adventure.

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  • Gloves: As far as gloves go, finding a waterproof and windproof material like leather is a good idea, especially if you live in an area that has an awfully chilly weather. Nowadays, you can even get gloves that are easily adaptable to or made for touch screens, so you need not worry about how to use your phone or tablet while wearing gloves. The glove category has something for everyone, furry lambskin fashion statements to dainty gloves, leather mittens, etc.A classy pair of gloves can actually add up to your whole look, while keeping you warm obviously. There are lots of options and the color palette is huge. You can find whatever suits your taste. Buy these classy pair from Amazon.

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  • Sweaters: From the classic baggy sweaters to cardigans, hoodies, open fronts, cropped to long sweaters, you can make a fashion statement with the multiple sweater options available to you. Styling them up is super easy and comfy, especially on days where you really don’t want to make that extra effort with your outfit. Just throw on nice, warm sweater, a wrap and your favorite¬†pair of tights, and complete your look with nice winter boots!

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We think these are 9 winter must haves for every woman out there because if you invest in these, they’re sure to last you a good season or two at least. Not only that, you can experiment with different chic and modern styles for your winter outfits.

These essentials are pretty basic and also, with the constantly changing pace of fashion, new trends and styles are being introduced. So there is a lot of stuff out there in the market to lay your hands on and spend a nice cold with your bundled up warmth of Must haves!

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