Although the official Black Friday is on 23rd November this year, but many sites have launched early bird sales and discounts with various deals and bundles. Amazon is also now live with its Early Black Friday week bundles and deals, with something for everyone.

The categories range from gadgets and accessories like tablets, mobile phones, headsets, etc. to clothing and dressing range. Furniture, kitchenware and electrical devices are also part of the deals of this week’s Early Black Friday discount.  

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Discounted categories in Early Black Friday deals:

Some of the discount categories include the following.

Arts, Crafts and Sewing:

If you’re someone who is into arts, crafts or handicrafts, then this category can get you a lot of stuff like sketch pads, art sets, paints, albums, sewing machines, stencils and other art supplies at a discounted rate. 

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Since winters are here, you need to gear up on skincare and beauty products like moisturizers, lotions, serums and balms. There are different essential body oils (even for aromatherapy) as well as skincare sets and deals that you can avail. Also, manicure kits, masks, straighteners, etc. are included in discounted deals.

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If you’re a book hoarder, you can save up some cash on books including paperbacks and hardcovers. There are reduced prices for Kindle editions too, so you might just as well try your luck and avail some of these Early Black Friday deals.

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Cell phones and accessories:

What if you got a reduced price for your favorite gadgets and phone covers, plus the much needed accessories? Well, definitely that is a discount you will absolutely want to avail. This category consists of cell phones, accessories like hands free, earphones, headphones, data cables, charging pads, phone covers, selfie sticks, USBs and much more at a discounted price!

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This category either has similar items to the previous one, or else it also includes digital photo frames, recorders, electrical appliances, cables, LED Ring lights, LCDs and LEDs, tablets, smart watches, and much more. You can easily save some cash on expensive electronics.


There is a 20-35% discount on certain brand products and selective items that you can avail in this category. From bean bags to cots, tables, chairs, shelves and book cases, rugs, mattresses, stools, recliners, the list goes on. You can furnish your home with the latest at affordable prices and avail good discounts.

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Musical Instruments:

If you’re into music and want to buy the instrument of your niche, or if you are still a beginner, you can get musical instruments at discounted rates. The category includes guitar, violin, keyboard and other beginner products’ starter packs and kits, drum sets, trumpets, microphones, music production software, etc. So not only musical instruments, but also the software or gadgets required in this field are on sale.

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Pet supplies:

Rather than multiple visits to the market, why not gear up on your pet supplies now? There are various items in this category including toys, mats, kennels, litter boxes, pet food, water clarifier tablets, bird cages, feeding plates, collars, and a lot more stuff for pet treats.

We have only listed a couple of categories. The site categories range from clothing, fashion, supplies, auto-motives, health, luggage, industrial, sports, toys and games, shoes, watches, etc. Get your stuff delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks!

Check out the site here.

The site may be a bit slow due to the heavy traffic from sales, but overall you can easily view the items you want. The discounts on certain products are only for a limited time, so go check out the Amazon website now to get your hands on some good stuff and save your cash now!

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