As Christmas is hovering just around the corner, Fairy lights are going to be a main décor element in every household – no matter big or small. Fairy lights, also known as string lights, are often perceived as soothing and relaxing to the mind and body. There is something about them that instantly soothes your senses, making you calm and composed inside out.

What Exactly Are Fairy Lights?

Fairy Lights are small string lights that usually hang on a copper wire with cute baby bulbs, and when you light them up, they are simply amazing. These lights somehow have that magical element in them to make any space look cozy and supernatural.

Here are some ideas you can use to decorate your room with fairy lights:

10 Aesthetically beautiful Ideas to Decorate Your Room Using Fairy Lights:

1.      Write messages on your wall

One of the best ways to use fairy lights in your room is to write messages on your wall with their help. All you have to do is select your motivational word and using pins, light up the outline of the entire message. Now stand back, turn on the fairy lights switch to see your warm writing glow. Or you could simply hang fairy lights on the curtains to have a magical effect in your room.

Fairy lights messages / Model Lampu Tumblr

Model Lampu Tumblr

Pro Tip: a dark wall looks striking when you turn on just your glowing message and turn off all other lights.

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2.      Light up your dresser

Doesn’t matter if you have a traditional dresser or even a modern one, it’s time to revamp it using string lights and change it from boring to interesting.

Daily Vanity / Fairy lights on dresser

Daily Vanity

Look for empty spaces near your mirror, line up small pins at equal interval from each other and wrap the lights on them using your aesthetic sense. The same technique can also be used on a book or panty shelf.

3.      Make your very own Christmas tree

Since Christmas season is in full swing, this string light decoration tip will help you in creating a mini Christmas tree in your very own room. The best part about this DIY is that you won’t have to worry about dragging a huge ass pine tree in your room. Make your personalize X-mas tree by stacking small and large branches of a tree one on top of another or just simply use fairy lights to create a tree on the wall to keep the christmas spirit alive.

fairy lights christmas tree DIY

By doing this, you will be creating a cone shape hammering nails where required. When you are done hanging the decorative items on it, light it up using yellow fairy lights and lure Santa inside your room this year around.

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4.      DIY ceiling with constellations

Anyone who loves fairy lights will definitely love making a full blown constellation inside their very own room. This DIY will assist you in gazing at star like constellations while you’re all snuggled up and cozy in your comforting bed.

Sky lights projector

Sky lights projector

You can buy cheap and beautiful sky light/ Star night projectors from Amazon here. 

5.      Use Fairy Candles

You might not believe this, but when you wrap and light a bar of a scented candle with your fairy lights, it actually gives away mystical vibes. This idea should be a must try for all starry eyed lovers out there, especially more so if you want to make it a romantic night with your loved one.

6.      Line up your textured walls

A smart way to use fairy lights in your room is to target the textured wall and going ahead with highlighting it even further. Hang a line of lights (big or small depending on your taste) and achieve a quick and instant change in the entire atmosphere of your room.

7.      Decorate a DIY rustic tree branch

If you are feeling a bit more artistic, try taking your fairy lights’ game a step ahead by digging up a medium-sized rustic tree branch and clearing it of all its leaves. After spraying it with silver / golden paint or any color you prefer.

Once you have the structure ready, simply wound some fairy lights around the lower and upper end of the branches where they will glow instead of leaves. Such decorated trees give a rustic yet contemporary feeling to your bedroom soon as they are lighted up.

8.      DIY Chandelier

The most impressive thing about fairy lights is that they can be used anywhere, anyhow, both indoors and outdoors. This particular decorative DIY tip involves a hula hoop and some fairy lights. Simply hang some fairy lights instead of actual crystals and lights to create a homemade chandelier. / fairy lights DIY chandelier

9.      Put up a Polaroid Display

If you have some instagram or Polaroid pictures of your friends and family that you would like to put up on your wall, they can prove to be a perfect decor blend with fairy lights. Gather some of such pictures and crop them in small sizes or print them up as per your wish and creative sense. Next, you will need some clips to hang these pictures with a fairy lights string of course.

Fairy lights on wall

Fairy lights on wall

10. Hang Mason jar frames

Mason jars are found in every house and they we are sure they must be a very common item in your kitchen. All you need for this last idea is some jars that you will be filling up with fairy lights. They can be hanged using repurposed wood or any other rustic décor frame.

Mason jars fairy lights ideas

Mason jars

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Rules for Using Fairy Lights Effectively

  1. Only use warm colored lights in order to make the most out of your fairy lights. Warm colors leave a calm twinkling sensation behind soon as they are turned on. White fairy lights are often thought to be depressive and chilly.
  2. Use connectible lights to form patterns and straight lines while arranging fairy lights effectively.
  3. It’s far more satisfying to keep fairy lights on a still setting as compared to distracted patterns of blinking.
  4. Never use white fluorescent lights in combination with warm lights as this will result in an outright disaster.
  5. No matter what, always keep digging for more innovative ideas to use fairy lights on Pinterest. Instagram, and Tumblr.
  6. Try coming up with your own DIY Fairy light ideas after observing summer and winter wedding extravaganzas online.
  7. You can also use Christmas outdoor decorations as a channel of inspiration towards an even resourceful use of Fairy lights.

Now that you have gone through the above decorative ideas, go get yourself some nice string lights and turn that magic in 1, 2, 3…

Lastly, please feel free to share your fairy lights magic & hard work with us by posting your room’s pictures to us inside the comment and feedback section below.

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