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As the new year is about to commence, people have already made up their plans for 2019 to follow. Be it the career, love life or lifestyle, everybody is having something planned for the new year, and to welcome it, we should be ready too.

Talking about being ready, we must look our best and trendy while executing our 2019’s plans and Pinterest is helping us out with that as it has recently predicted what’s going to be in-fashion in 2019.

Every year, Pinterest gives us a sneak peek into the 100 Pinterest trends of 2019. Based on the survey that monitored the most online fashion searches and ideas made by both men and women, Pinterest has revealed that men will be looking for more classy watches, light-wash denim and corduroy fabric clothes.

Indochino Corduroy suit


While women will be searching for bamboo bags, statement sneakers and African prints for sustainable fashion. They will also have their eyes on the biker shorts, tortoise earrings and oval sunglasses to keep the cool side of fashion alive and trendy.

Pinterest – Emily Blair

Apart from that, there’s going to be a haul for liquid exfoliator, bold and sharp lip colors and glossy make up. The main intention would be to stand out by pushing boundaries and in this case, the hair color plays a very important part. Lilac colors, silver and grey-ish hair would largely be embraced to make the stand-out thing happen.

fashion trends of 2019 predictions


Demand for natural lash lifts would increase and women will be seen trying all sort of home remedies for increasing the length and body of their lashes. While on the other hand, manicure would demand almond nails style, which is named after the tip of almonds. Here’s a look of it!


Moving on to the health and wellness, people are seemed to be focusing towards getting sober and rid of alcohol addictions. Non-alcoholic drink ideas will surface all over the internet. Use of ginger oil and the goat milk soup will be increased in bath and massage routine and superfood powders will be taken into consideration for nutritional drinks.


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