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Eating habits determine our bodily health more than any other. Most of us resort to junk fast food and oily cravings in our hunger pangs. We want something that is quick to provide us satisfaction and fulfillment. But we fail to realize that our eating habits are sometimes detrimental to our health. It piles up layers and layers of stubborn fat. If you’re obese, you know it is not easy shedding pounds as it is gaining them.

Thus, there is a need to realize the importance of a good diet intake and what kind of effect it entails on your health. Healthy diet intakes can aid your weight loss process. It is not the just the physical exercise exertion, but the careful scheme of dietary intake that determines how much and how quickly you can lose some fat.

In this article, we’ll give you a total of 14 veggies that are bound to help you shed some pounds. You just need to incorporate them in your daily diet to get the required fibre, nutrition, and fulfillment that you need.

But first, let us discuss briefly how diet is related to weight loss and can help you shed some pounds.

How is diet related to weight loss?

Diet intake is highly relevant to weight issues and overall health. What you eat shows up in your appearance. If you eat healthy, your body will definitely reflect that and vice versa.

People tire themselves out by extensive workout regimes and exercises. They can help, but not effectively if you do not change your eating habits.

Thus, a healthy proper schematic diet can help you achieve weight loss without working out extra hours in the gym. You can have minimal exertion via exercise yet shed those stubborn fats more easily.

Vegetables that help in weight loss:

Vegetables are full of fibres, proteins, antioxidants and nutritional value. Natural and organic foods do not add excessive fatty acids in your diet. Rather, they help to process the already present carbs and fats. Overall, veggies are vital for a healthy diet and also help you lose weight. They lessen your cravings for junk, even in a small amount. This reduces hunger pangs and vegetables act as an appetite suppressant in your daily routine.

Scientific research has proven how vegetables contribute in weight loss. So, if you need to shed some extra pounds, you need to know the low calorie vegetables that will help you to achieve your optimal weight goals.

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Some of the vegetables that help in weight loss are listed below:

  1. Spinach is a green-leafed veggie that is packed with good nutritional value with loads of iron. It can be eaten raw, cooked, or blanched – whichever way you prefer.
  2. Carrots are low in calories and are good for even snacking on. These orange vegetables are easier to consume and give you a boost of healthy nutrients.
  3. Mushrooms can be the part of a pizza topping, pasta dish or a salad. They are rich in B-vitamins, fibre content and minerals.
  4. Cucumber are high in water content and lower in calorie count. This can aid in weight loss especially. You can eat them in whatever quantity yet feel fulfilled even with a low-calorie intake. This will help burn the fats up for energy metabolism faster.
  5. Celery is full of beneficial antioxidants and enzymes. This green vegetable helps to lose weight by it low calorie count. You can snack on it or simply add it to your salad.
  6. Cauliflower has a range of recipes. It can be used in curries if you feel tired of dry, salad stuff. Curries with their spice can also help to burn fat and give your body the heat it needs for the metabolism!
  7. Green beans are categorised as veggies because of their high fibre content and nutrients. They help in weight loss by increasing fat oxidation. This boosts the energy metabolism and the body works more efficiently.
  8. Watercress has a lower calorie intake, around 18 calories per serving. So, it is great for your weight loss regime. It has high quantity of dietary fibre and amino acids that leave you fulfilled and reduce cravings.
  9. Swiss chard is green veggie that is high in antioxidants, fibres, minerals and vitamins. This is why it is highly approved in weight loss diets.
  10. Iceberg/ Salad greens/ Chinese cabbage are categorized into this one heading. This is because they are considered in leafy greens. These green-leafed vegetables are high in dietary fiber and part of so many salads and dishes. They can be eaten raw or cooked, so you’ve many options available.
  11. Artichokes are full of antioxidants and minerals. They have a higher fibre content and lower calorie count which makes them excellent for weight loss.
  12. Beet greens are a good addition to your diet. This is because they have no fat so you cannot go wrong with these veggies. Their high fibre content can lower cholesterol and help lose weight.
  13. Kale is popular in superfood mixes because of its high nutritional value. It has B-vitamins, high fibre and water content and essential nutrients that give you energy with a low-calorie intake. This helps to burn more fat and fastens your metabolism.
  14. Broccoli is part of the cruciferous family (including other superfoods like cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts). It is jam-packed with high fiber content, minerals, etc.

These vegetables can easily be incorporated in your diet. You can make salads out of them or use them as sides with your protein intake. From curries, soups, sandwiches, paninis, pastas and stocks, the variable recipes made out of these veggies are numerous. Smart eating is essentially important when deciding your kind of recipe. Employ those methods for veggies that help retain their nutrition value without becoming overcooked or extremely oily.

Baking or sautéing is a better alternative or you can simply cook them in olive oil!

Healthier recipes, with minimal oil or fatty acids, that are rich in fibres and lower in calories will enhance your body mechanism. With a proper diet routine and workout schedule, you’ll definitely shed the pounds you direly want to.

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